The White Bag Thread v3


EP from Limon when?

A reskin of EP? I will take it.

Another forge material that will be sacrificed.


Bracer and ST.




first shatts this event!

3/11/3 now


Let’s count the accolades here…

  • first Oryx’s Sanctuary completed
  • first Exalted Oryx white
  • first Sanctuary white

Yeah, you can imagine why I was pretty stoked about this.


WTF 1st O3 and you got white already?!


Marisa!!! <3 <3 <3

TY @Poshun aka Achi.


I, uh… may have gotten the banner white with my first O3 miniboss competed in a pub run back when it was new.

Speaking of which, I heard the drop rates for loot were really good, but for those of you who run them regularly, what are your average drops?


Why was this reply directed at prcsakura?


WTF 1st O3 and you got white already?!

Because he seemed surprised. It’s one short sentence, so I didn’t see the need to quote.


Oh whoops didn’t see that post my bad :sweat_smile:


got a key from a present, popped it and got this


I might sacrifice this.

Got a mini heart attack for a sec when I randomly pop this Cultish Chest unboosted. I’ll take it, 1st ever endgame white that I got.


White Bag pops out

Mini heart-attack


holiday dump dec 10 to jan 10

lost it like 30 seconds later

st sets completed in the last month:
swarming huntress
vampire rogue
messenger of oryx

st sets nearing completion (1 piece left):
pirate king warrior
phantom archer
horrific sorcerer
twilight archmage


Another fine addition to my collection >:3
(This turned into another solo, after the Mystic just…left? They weren’t even in any real danger afaik…)


Real life events come up. It happens to me a lot, at least. Quitting in the middle of a long dungeon hurts, though. ;.;


I like CBow but WTH is going on with its frenzy…

CBow: 4 OT/1 Chest/4 Forge

CTrap: 0 OT/1 Chest/0 Forge.

ST from Thessal when?

Soloed Mountain Temple and…I unlocked this as a collection.



Event’s over for me
Total tally: 1/1/1/0 blueprints (3/2/1/1 overall)
1 superior
1 genesis
2 vesture
1 banner
2 esch
1 guard
3 horn


A spell would have been better, but I really can’t complain. First fungal white!


Got all 3 rings in a Chain of 3 Shatters