The White Bag Thread v3


It has been WAY to long sense I have uploaded these, and some were on my laptop so they arent being uploaded but sorry if any are reposts.

Haven’t had one of these sense… oh probably the year I started playing again, when they had the ot/shaitans summer wizard event.

Meh. I got so many of these at one point, I’m just not exited by a white here anymore. But I NEED that helm!


Couple days ago…

2 ST in one Oryx?

Imma sacrifice this…

Figured that CC Armor is useful after IC/OoC. Sacrificed Spirit Dagger, CSilk and 2 Expos. Slap that with Jugg + UBDef… EZ facetank to Davy’s shotgun.


Me misspelt “Shendyt” SMH…


Now I just need armies of PChamber marks. Oh wait…




WTF B2B Anointed?


Luckily I got one of em since, but dang that’s lucky


Forged this bad boi but sadly died with it already. 0 Phantom/ 1 Chest/ 1 Forge.


Yepppp. You can see both bags from the stone guardians


Another backup? 2 Bilgewater/3 Troom/0 Chest/ 0 Forge

Finally, an actual Devastation from PChamber. 1 Colony/0 Troom/ 0 chest/ 3 Forge


After losing 2 7/8’s in a day yesterday…

Guess what? It’s infinite Jugg time! BP track: 1 Hermit/ 0 Sphinx/ 0 Keyper

Just threw couple hundred golds for the forgefire… Sacrificed BCloak, QoT and Bloodshed Ring for this bad boi.

Jugg tracking: 0 Hermit/1 Sphinx/ 0 Keyper/ 1 Forge


Not the skin that I will exactly be wearing but a collection of it won’t hurt.

TY @Wilhuff and @Mizumi


B2B Anointed gang <3

Not bad.

Finally, an actual EP from Limon herself.


oh yeah


Finally… my grind of mad labs is compete. 7 robes, 22 conducting wands, and 1 scepter of fulmination.


I had enough materials around for a while, but I never bothered finishing a cem for the mark. So I finally did so today!

And while messing around with it, got one of these. Neat.


A Shield Rune from Herm? Imma sell it for 1 Life.


Its value and cost got buffed.

Not bad.


What? Lost another PPE? Nah, this is totally the same character I have been playing this one, and why its posted on the white bag thread instead of my PPE thread.


Was expecting something else but… I will take it.

Finally, an actual Ray Katana. Its value and cost got buffed as well.

Oooooh. Now this shall complete the set.

TY @Geo <3

Here comes armies of Concertinas!



oh yeah


This would feel a lot better If I didn’t have the bee helm that somewhat outclasses it, at least at close range.