The White Bag Thread v3


Bee helm doesn’t outclass it, dragon helm better. Really want that helm


I mean, it kind of does. You get berserk, 120 dmg ever .6 seconds for each bee, and probability of curse. You also have to hit things with the st helm. At the very least, from playing around, enemy hp seems to deplete much faster with the bees.


Yeah, but in group play dragon helm is better by a lot


I’ve only ever managed to get the ring out of all the LoDs I’ve done out there. I also have yet to obtain the fire armor and katana.
(Yes, I don’t mind if the armor is trash; I still want it for the sake of my collection)


I think you mean fire armor? And tbh it has a nice sprite imo. I’ve only gotten 2 water silk robes and a midnight star as drops from lod, but forged a celestial blade :smiley:


First Pirate Cave of ppe!


Ooh, now I have 2/4 of the set complete.

And another one.

Prism when???

Not bad… Might as well sell it for few GLives.


yk the bp is for sale in the nexus right?


Yep, I got no fame tho


Second or thrid bulwark i ever got!


Later i got Lbow



Mist is nice :smiley:
Saw white bag and almost died from shots after boss died. That would have been very sad
What class should I put it on? Thinking ninja or warrior.


Another one of this? Welp this is from Malice squad.

TY to @Gearstick for the pops on USW3.

Finally, an actual TShot.

And another actual white bag.

Some dudes advise me to use Anni Armor instead of CC, but me like “Nah, I don’t raid O3”.

Seriously though, reduce the Dex penalty from -10 to -4 would be decent trade off or even reduce some Speed would be fine.

Never stop having CBows.

Ey, now I have 2/4 of the set.


OmG Sakura’s using a raiding discord??//???


It’s called testing a Discord server for a month. I made a poll 'bout it as well.


well malice is a good one because cults give stonks for loot

and also pub halls is just an autoclicker fest


Probably the most stacked bag I’ve gotten in a long time.

Edit: Two white bags from chests in a row nice.


be staff so u can join channels early :sunglasses:


From the LoD event, I got a mark.

Ey, I finally got it. Well after 20+ Malogias…


A possible comeback after I lost my 1st 8/8?

I decoy Daichi and RNG rewarded me another Katana. MT whites when?

A decent reward for me as the sole rusher and decoying the 3 bosses.

Jesus, almost died from the boulders when I see the white bag.