The White Bag Thread


Post pictures of white bag stuff that makes you happy!

Continued in version 2, here: The White Bag Thread v2

I Got A Pixie And A Candy-Coated In One Bag!
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OMG tRIple white
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First Resu armor pic
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The White Bag Thread v2
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I Got the Wand Of Eternal Snowflakes 😆
Just some random loot and deaths from lag ;)
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Got a spiteful scutum

This one makes me happy


I never get white bags I can’t be happy :frowning:


This makes me happy :slight_smile:


Traditions please…


Looks 100% legit


Its not a really big deal but…



This is my most recent one.
I got angry that i lost my dbow so i fed it to my pet.

Edit: not my most recent one. i forgot. R.I.P. 7/8 Paladin



Never done much deadwater docks because of an 7/8 death on tp to rusher years ago, probably only did 2-3 docks and on this fourth one…


i’ve gotten 20+ white bags since i posted on the kabam forums but if i had to choose one…


My Love My Life




My first ever white. Lost it immediately…



doc can i please be your apprentice to use the tomb of the forms puri.


All my white bags since DECA took over.


I Was Lucky Enough To Get A Pixie And A Candy-Coated in 1 White Bag I Was so Hyped Thanks For Taking The Time To lisen to how good i am Thanks :heart:


Your good levels are off the charts.