The White Bag Thread



Today is my birthday, so i planned run some lost halls, that’s what i got from my first void.
I still cant believe my luck…i got Omni on my birthday, its my first void white and second lost halls white!


Nice! Happy birthday btw.


Nice job! Happy birthday to you.


Congrats dude and happy birthday.


I don’t get it.


No, I’m more than mad, I’m angery. Lol, but really though I have gotten 5 togas and 4 skulls… I got 1 Edictum but I put it on a 0/8 wizzy along with an ST spell and Mad Robe and lost it in a UDL lmao. My goal in RotMG has been to get at least 1 full necro set ever since I saw the sprite and item card reveals a while ago. Currently I’m down to just 1 or each skull and robe because I’m terrible when I don’t have max def/speed (Or maybe I’m just bad in general lmao). GG on getting 2 full sets though :slight_smile:


I have a few spare dbows, I’ll trade you for that staff :stuck_out_tongue:




I never get Demon Blades, so any time I do, I basically bend reality. Or at least I say I do.


First and last para today

L U C K 1 0 0

Edit : I mean L E E C H
Now I have all para whites :laughing:


My god, that’s what’s happening to me in a nutshell.


What is that? Is that like a mobile rotmg xd


Puffin browser









2 scepters in a day, lulz


Protip: Pressing Alt along with the screenshot button makes it only take a screenshot of the current tab you are on.


+21 +20 roll :slight_smile: