The White Bag Thread


Nice job! Happy birthday to you.


Congrats dude and happy birthday.


I don’t get it.


No, I’m more than mad, I’m angery. Lol, but really though I have gotten 5 togas and 4 skulls… I got 1 Edictum but I put it on a 0/8 wizzy along with an ST spell and Mad Robe and lost it in a UDL lmao. My goal in RotMG has been to get at least 1 full necro set ever since I saw the sprite and item card reveals a while ago. Currently I’m down to just 1 or each skull and robe because I’m terrible when I don’t have max def/speed (Or maybe I’m just bad in general lmao). GG on getting 2 full sets though :slight_smile:


I have a few spare dbows, I’ll trade you for that staff :stuck_out_tongue:




I never get Demon Blades, so any time I do, I basically bend reality. Or at least I say I do.


First and last para today

L U C K 1 0 0

Edit : I mean L E E C H
Now I have all para whites :laughing:


My god, that’s what’s happening to me in a nutshell.


What is that? Is that like a mobile rotmg xd


Puffin browser









2 scepters in a day, lulz


Protip: Pressing Alt along with the screenshot button makes it only take a screenshot of the current tab you are on.


+21 +20 roll :slight_smile:


HOLY SHIT, minor def ring


About fucking time.