The White Bag Thread


i am 1 for 1 this ot event. first cbow

#9955 Had orgasm at the end




just got A FRICKING CSword! How!?
I know theres no proof cause of lack of white bag but theres ddocks right there and ts up to you if you believe me


$%#$$% 6 cbows still no ctrap


ppe skillz


lol that’s me except I have too many traps




Not mine, but it deserves recognition


No Omni smh


5 Huntresses later

Gosh, finally got this. Luckily, I didn’t die after an OT was popped post-boss like a certain other character that got a white I wanted!


1st ot of the event


I was looking for an Ocean Trench, but This’ll do.


Not a white bag, but I just scored this from the login calendar!!!


still no ctrap


My… wizzy died yesterday… so dont screech :tired_face::sob:


i cant believe that my wizzy died :weary:


my flash player broke


So as I have post one post before that I got A.S.S 30 mins into the game when playing on steam, I was thinking of buying the beginner pack since i want some chest but not really want to, been thinking about it. Then, this morning, I got white from pup, oh sweet Im gonna max assassin next, and just now, i got freaking fulmi. Note that i was playing on my priest. So is DECA secretly convincing me to buy gold :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: