There seems to be a rare wrongwarp bug


I was just taking a look at reddit and came across this post, and it reminded me of a strange occurrence that happened a day or two ago to me and a couple other people.

It was around 4am local time, real ded hours, and me and a couple other people closed the realm and got transported to Oryx’s castle as normal. We killed the stone guardians and the Oryx boss portal appeared, but when we went into it the game transported us into a realm instead.
At first I thought it was a one-off glitch, but seeing that post that someone was trying to nexus and wound up at Oryx’s castle makes me think that there might be an error with instance transitions or something that only occurs rarely. The timing and locations involved bugs me too much to chalk this one up to coincidence, so I think they might be related.


if this happens to me i would be scared lmao


Imagine dying in the nexus XD





I had a kinda similar thing recently. When exiting a nexus-opened dungeon through the completion portal (which should send back to nexus), I got sent directly into a realm. Think it was a Trench but can’t remember the exact details.

Chalked it up to a random server derp, at the time.


Lol on the bright side… think about how much o2 loot you would’ve gotten :joy:. The ole pick up loot and back to home screen method :grin:


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