There shuld be an option to mark players as "cute"


ive met many cute realmers bbut i cant mark them as such on realmeye so i might forget it :((( pls make this change and i m ight come back to rotmg


not a bad idea. it would bring up some positive energy. :slight_smile:


It is very cute how toxic everyone is ingame lol


this topic/post made by OP is too cute


no u


gtfo red star


i’d definitely mark you as cute


This is sus.


shut the fuck up


he was joking (i think)


wait im dumb you’re also joking (i think) nvm


Based and cutepilled.


@Hellblabe do you agree


lmao, yup definetly a red star. definetly didn’t quit before the star rework.


unfortunate i can’t unlike someone’s post… i thought @Jaahhh was being facetious, given the tone of this thread
i’m bad at reading whether someone is joking or not online




What I meant that I was a yellow star for like 2 years and then I quit the game, after which stars were reworked so that you need more fame for stars, as it became far quicker to earn fame.



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