Thicket final phase


I’m gonna be honest, I have no idea how to do Xolotl’s final phase.

I can handle everything up to that point fine, since dodging the Silence shots isn’t too hard so I can keep myself alive on most characters. The final phase always fucks me over though, 10 player thicket turned into a duo and we managed to get to the second last phase. I only went in because the guy I ended up nearly finishing the dungeon with said he knew a safe spot, and I had failed multiple times before lol

Anyway, we got into position, killed the last pillar and I couldn’t do it despite being near to the guy and ended up nexusing.

So my question is, what’s the best way to handle this final phase? I’ve seen people both circle and stand in a “safespot”, which method is safer? Which bullets should I focus on dodging? Is there a class that’s easier than priest for this final phase and the dungeon in general?


Thicket’s final phase is the easiest by actually doing what it was intended to make people do: circle it. While some people prefer to circle on the outskirts, I find it a lot safer to circle along the path marked by the skull markers around Xolotl. Keep in mind that you’re going to have to be mindful of the lightning strikes, however. That’s the most essential thing you need to keep away from. Honestly, any class will do for Thickets in general, as long as you know what you’re doing.


(relevant part at @9:21 if the video embedding somehow doesn’t work)

Only the white shots will hit you and can definetly tank them


Until you get hit with the petrify, that is.


Paladin and Knight are probably the best bet for the phase. The reason for this being that you should circle the small path close to the Boss, so the Sword’s DPS and range would be ideal. They both also have good HP and DEF stats, thus making them less-reliant on their ability. This is key if you don’t want to multi-task between carefully circling and timing your ability correctly.

Like said above, if you do the circling correctly, only the white shots will be able to hit you. They chip quite a bit (130 and 80+Bleed), but a maxed melee (with healing if on Paladin) should be able to handle it well.


Isnt it a survival phase? I dont think you can damage the boss during it


Oh, is it? My Paladin died long time ago, so I haven’t ran a Thicket in forever.
You’re probably right.

EDIT: Watched the video above. Indeed, you were correct. Don’t mind me =P


IF you have 55 SPEED above… easiest way to is run circle away stick near evil water but do not touch the water find the gap between shots

there are four small safe spots to stand on ground (its kinda hard and not recommended for amateur)

btw video above are for experienced players… amateur on thicket will get easily confused by many bullets and ended up eating bullets


keep trying… dont give up… sooner or later you will learn about thicket bullet gap


This plus the video reference from @Mynamerr helped me picture what to do, so thanks. I didn’t know where to start circling from so the video plus the suggested path is pretty useful :slight_smile:

Eh, I suppose this is why I’m not the best at it :sweat_smile: hopefully with practise and the above advice I’ll get better. The fact that I’m out of practise in terms of playing the game didn’t help much in today’s thicket either, though I think I managed to stop some deaths during El Dorado’s fight given we had to deal with confuse during the final phase, so the Geb tome helped a lot. Wasn’t the worst though.

I guess the problem was that I focused too much on healing back up rather than just not getting hit in the first place. I’ll keep this in mind when trying Thicket again although I keep my thumb on the spacebar at all times so it’s not too intrusive.


I would say that circling in this “loop” is the best and safest choice, just need to watch out and push up a little when lightning is nearby.


And finally, here’s another showcase (10:30 should the embed fail you)
I usually now go for the “middle” path, which is a little riskier at the start, but once you enter it, it’s quite easily doable on lower-speed characters due to the shorter distance.
In this clip, I still have to tank a shot or two; if you still go for outer, try to compensate for any distance loss by going a little more on the inside.

Definitely be wary of the lightning, though - that one’s the biggest threat during the phase.


Yes I forgot to mention that you can still get hit by the lightning if you stand at the outer edge of the cell, but you pretty much have to make an active effort for that to happen.


thanks @Mynamerr and @Lily :slight_smile:

I got scared when I started dropping to about half my health but stayed and managed to heal up once Silence ran out. Got pots from every boss too


nice… and you might keep playing as priest till you learn about final phase
if you have 55 above speed you might like try like @Seelpit video above, more chill and less confusing


safespot works but only when solo, if there are alot of people running around you get hit by aoe projectiles


did one 2 day ago as a pirate st (30 spd), so I can said it’s possible to survive until the and with little to no healing if you choose the shot that you will take in the face correctly, but our team sucked, they didn’t understand that thunder make the boss fight easier if it hit him, so AT LEAST I can tell that you can survive a prolonged battle with only lv65 healing pet as a mundane in the outer ring


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