Things that need to be changed about realm


So looking at the farewell thread i can see that many deaths are from lag, and zest of rotmg is often lost until u take a break and come back

so if we discuss all this, then i think we could make rotmg a better place :smiley:

So just post what you think should be changed about rotmg


Less chest events, more rifts/other game modes that wont just revolve around buying keys and waiting in USE2 until someone pops


For IC/OoC to be implemented.




More to the map itself.


Bode , Have I Got News For You !


I made this thread already though. Why tf did it not work before?


more none soulbound items



More. There should be many harder dungeons with better loot that has passive effects and stuff that can combo together. The current endgame should be around mid level and events should be massive and rarer things such as a story event, say one where the whole realm gets transported to an alternate reality where the void entity took over so everything is voided and items are different, and stuff like that. More diverse dungeons such as one that’s just a huge boss fight where your running while it chases you and you fight it. Or maybe one where you use items in the dungeon to help progress it.


Agreed, specifically when your map becomes black


I would love to see a bunch of harder enemies in either the godlands or perhaps an area separate from that, which provide greater challenge to players but can still be soloed by a player without too much effort (these enemies would basically be a tier or two above standard godlands enemies in terms of difficulty). These enemies could maybe drop greater potions at about the same rate that godlands enemies drop standard pots, and would drop harder dungeons than gods (I’m thinking parasite chambers/crawling depths tier difficulty–they can be soloed by most maxed players, but can at least pretend to offer something of a challenge and have worthwhile drops for players).

The goal of this is to make realm farming more rewarding for higher-level players, including by making dungeons that most players can already handle, easier to get to frequently.


That’s a flash memory issue if i’m not mistaken.


Single player to implement the lore


Now that the loot aspect of the game has completely taken over the game for everyone DECA should expand the other ways to enjoy RotMG. One aspect that is very lacking is the RPG part in this supposed MMORPG. make classes more distinct with more abilities and further progression beyond level 20 8/8. Expand on the fame system to make it a real measurement of skill and succes you had with a character. Imagine if you could earn cool titles for your characters by soloing a boss for example. I will accept anything to break up the loot based gameplay loop which is plaging this game.


that would be really interesting! I love that idea.

It would really give a purpose to the lore


more unique items should be added, there isn’t very much variation with weapons and seeing more variation
and stuff that isn’t currently in prod would be great to see

I love the effects they’ve been adding to armours and rings recently, it adds actual reasons to use different armours and rings instead of just dps or survivability stats


finally, I’ve been waiting years for this.

that and maybe making the nexus its own “realm” of sorts, with little reoccurring events here and there, Because currently the nexus feels empty and dead, with people only using like 1/4 of it.


i agree a lot with that, i liked the maze they used in the halloween nexus and more stuff like that. more would be awsome
not even just seasonal events. maybe something like an invasion in the outskirts of the nexus. not something that could harm afk and trading players, but something accesable in the nexus


I feel like nexuses only feel dead because theres so many servers. if there were fewer, people would be forced into being more social. that would open up a lot more problems though, especially how laggy servers are now :frowning: