This Mystery Box is Shit [Manor Keys Box]


So let me get this straight, each manor key costs 50 gold, this mystery box costs 200 gold. 10 keys costs 500 gold, and you have a [low] chance of getting 10 keys for 200 gold.

this is blatantly not worth it, you can, get 20 keys for 10 dollars, while on this you have a VERY LOW CHANCE of getting 20 keys on your first spin or 50 keys on your first spin. I don’t understand why they put these trashy boxes up anymore, especially when they have not disclosed the chances of getting rare-jackpot.

And the tiny little bitty fact that the odds are against you.


Aren’t they all?


been like this for a month, read this for more info


They disclosed the percentages for skin boxes awhile back so I imagine this would be similar. Also, the box is technically “worth it” because you’re guaranteed 2 keys+1 loot drop which is worth 200 gold but no one wants the loot drop so in reality you’re just losing money and getting less keys. The whole point of these boxes were to get keys for a cheap price but clearly they aren’t now.


Dude, you were supposed to fall for it! Why would you do the math?
– DECA Games


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