This needs to be done for Arena


Okay okay fair enough, in items I suppose I guess you’re right. I mean I guess I’d assume vanity items would be a better idea inatead of regulars items… Overall I just wanted to make arena a more worth while activity for players to do if they’re going to pay with actual fame of course. Was also thinking prizes could be updated every month with new skins, vanity items, etc so you better hurry up and get them! Vanity items, skins and other prizes could also be SB to avoid trading and yeah, I mean the arena would still consistently be that arcade addition to the game you said it’s supposedly meant to be


Alright, good you pegged down that confidence, and I would like to add that too many text boxes/messages sent to a client(web/flash player) could very well cause large amounts of lag and could be annoying, I’d say give an option to turn it off, or not have it at all. Though, I do agree with the enemy flavour text, I’m always a sucker for lore and story, overall, you need somemore polish, and I’m a bit iffy on the updated prizes, but if implemented well, could be very good, do you mind giving us some proofs of concepts for the vanity items, or maybe an idea for the skins?


Ah I’m glad you asked my good sir, you see this is one of the items I created. I’ll have more later, but just enjoy this one! It’s not my best sprite but it’s something I guess
Splash dagger

Description: This dagger was created in a deep ocean by a tribe of water-like creatures
Damage: 10-30
Range: 6.0



This reminds me of the old video game I played, where it had a raid system, it didn’t give you loot directly, instead it gave you some sort of a currency that you can use later to turn in, but for RotMG, I don’t think it should be an item, just cosmetics. Glow, Skins, etc. Maybe a pet skin too, Or vault reskin even? It can go as far as it’s not direct ‘arena to win’. As for Arena, it should ALWAYS stay as a sort of fun-challenge. Non-permadeath makes it too unfair to farm Items in.


Stop putting these things in, Looking at your posts and realmeye, it looks like you are very full of yourself (No offense,) and it also makes others not want to listen to you. It’s not like you are one of the most experienced players here, and it also makes it look like shitpost. By the fact that you keep saying same Ideas over and over, I personally think you don’t like to read textwalls, well, you should.\

Well, there are already 2 skins out for old arena event if I recall correctly.
Ivory%20Gladiator image


I’m sorry about my confidence… You’re right, I’m a bit full of myself… It’s just kinda my nature, anyways, I do have a question… And again I’m sorry for earlier. There won’t be too much dialogue in the chat and basically there will only be talking before you start a round and after you complete it. So why should it only be in text bubble and not in chat? Also I agreed that items should only be vanity and not actual top tiered items as I ssid above. Also jeez… I really need to pay more attention, I completely forgot about those skins that were prizes for arena… regardless, I think skins being prizes for arena should be a regular thing! And yeah, there could be different prizes every month, but that’s my opinion, anyways let me know if you have anymore thoughts~☆


I also agree on you with arena only remaining to be a supposedly fun challenge, tbh I personally had the same thoughts… I had no clue adding actual items, at first, would ruin the whole thing until one of you explained this to me! Vault reskin could work, but I wonder how that’ll go… Regardless, I just wanted to let you that I love your ideas, and that I think they’re awesome! Anyways, thank you so much for sharing you’re opinions, they’re the best!


Even if it is little, the chat will be overflowed with cheering. Which, can easily lead to players missing previous chats before entering the arena, PMs that they accidently missed, etc. It’s just like how a single spambot in nexus can be extremely annoying.

Add in rotating shop for like 2~3 months, or don’t add them at all. It can be annoying that you have to wait few months for an item you want when you have all the coins.


By the way, enough text pms into the chat bar could cause lag, as I said, so I agree with arkrumiera, make it bubble only, so we also have an option to turn it off from the experimental menu, also the weapon idea is pretty cool, is it a t0 dagger? Now thats what I call a good vanity, try something for the wands/bow/sword, but dont just make them all elemental.

And thank you for not being so …Flamboyant? Anyways, this idea is already working out pretty well compared to the first post. What color do you think the glow should be, and do you have an idea of what the skins might look like?

Vault reskins could, for example be another change in the wardrobe that allows you to have different sprites for chest, like for example you could get the parachambers treasure chest sprite for one of them, or a downscaled version if the mimic from cave of a thousand treasures, or even just normal test chests


Here’s another item, and yes I have created a couple skins actually, they’ll be coming right up soon!
Sword Of violet Illusions
Description: A sword created from the vivid imagination of a mad man, you’d have to be crazy to wield such a weapon!
Damage: 170-180
Range: 3.5



Hmmm, the sprites seem good, but isnt this a vanity? It shouldnt have good stats, but cool shot patterns, and stuff like that, you need to make the shots special in the sense that they are the only weapons to… lets say have a clover shot pattern like the clover bow, so i suggest going to pfiffle and messing around with frequency and amplitude, besides that the damage shouldnt be to high, and I would love to see the sprites!

Oh also, im also excited for the vault chest reskin maybe? Like the one in the april fools post


Make Realm battle royal then, that’ll get those fortnite youtubers playing.


Okay here’s the reskinned vault, still working on more idea’s for arena prizes! I’ll have the skins soon, and the projectile for violet illusions sword as well! for now enjoy this reskinned artwork for vault!

Reskin oyster vault


Nice, although it does look like a mouth, but I cant really give sprite critisicm.
and also,



hey, @LaenAwesom, what do you think of the concept of this sakura blade

And this for Splash Dagger

And for SoVI

With damage adjustment and shit of course
And just for shites and giggles


@NubieDubie That’s pretty cool! You used that website you showed me to make those, right? Because I’m loving what you did on there lol


Yeah, thats Pfiffel for you. The dps is adjusted to be pretty low to not be broken, and in your final draft, you can just show the shot pattern and put your sprites a bove it, and I really like your oyster chest. Anyways, the key is just messing around with the amplitude/frequency and shot amounts


Ah cool cool! And thanks, I’m not that good at spriting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I guess ill make sure to play around with the Pfiffel when I get the chance, for now I working on an ST for ninja, I don’t like the current one. Was thinking the set could also be a prize for arena! (Edit: Oh wait nevermind I forgot, no playable items as prizes for arena!)


Eh, I think your sprites are good, but I’m not the best judge on a good sprite,s o Ill just say something else.
Nvm, you edited your post as I was going to make a comment a bout the st, nice catch there, bud. Overall, this is pretty good for a first draft.

I’d say after everything is polished(shot patterns, etc, etc) you could make a newer thread with all of the stuff, and I think I can help with that, and multidraft ideas arent hat rare just look at johnmh’s shogun threads.


Hehe thanks <3 and I think making a newer thread is a great idea. Ugh… I swear you’re the best! Anyways, Ima continue working on these sprites, again thank you so much for everything!


Also, @barablazer, can you rate this guys sprites?