This needs to be done for Arena


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Easy with the tags my dude. I’ll edit in my assessment

Be mindful of lag and purpose when making artsy patterns like what NubieDubie did. It looks good, but it’s gonna cause lag to all who decided that they wanted to see their allies’ shots. As long as it is functional, it can be aesthetically pleasing, but my design philosophy hates the other way around.

Splash dagger: the blue blade can use a little more splash of light blue to highlight it’s shape and sharpness and you may want to strategically place the droplets either behind it for illusion of motion or around it for a more neutral splashing. The yellow armguards feels regal but the red hilt seems off. If I were to suggest something like light cyan or kelp dark green to keep the ocean vibe, or purple to add the regalness. The projectiles are top notch :ok_hand:. You can use those color scheme to color the dagger’s blade.

Sword of Violet Illusions: the purple poison haze vibe of the blade is cool, but the gem on the base of the blade shines dull and the handle looks like wood/is the color of poo. I would suggest red for more aggressiveness, black for sinister, white/gray for classy or light purple for consistency. I love the grin on that 3rd projectile and the 2nd one is neat, but the black outlines for the 1st projectile is definitely out of place lol. Except if that shot comes once every 100 shots as an easter egg I would remake it to conserve the creepy vibe you got going.


It’s suppose to be an oyster though, get it? You put your items inside it’s mouth, but I’ll work on more vault reskins, was just trying to go for something different lol


Oh… Yeah I get it, I just thought that it just kind of looked like a mouth of like a monster, but its techinically the mouth of the oyster, nice. Though I would suggest for making the oyster open bigger


yes deca listen to this man


Vault reskin
(When vault is unlocked)

Vanity sword
Just some sprites I made for the vanity prizes for arena


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, finnnnnnnaaaaalllllllyy, anyways

So about the vault chest, im guessing its supposed to be a mimic from tcave, and it switches to the open sprite when you walk over it?

And for the dagger, what stats do you think it should have?


Wait how are vault reskin supposed to work? It’s suppose to be basically a resprited vault right?

And that’s suppose to be a sword, dagger’s coming up right after I’m done with this next sprite. Anyways, I’m not sure, maybe you could come up with the stats!


Alright, anyways, vault chests only have 1 sprite, thats why i was asking, ill do the stats later, realming rn


Here it is!
Dark Shade sword


Ah mkay, thanks! Anyways here’s the dagger!


…is that the sickle from the spritegod xd? Im working on my own thread but ill make the patterns in a bit


Mkay cool! and no it’s not, it’s my own original idea.


green crystal bow
(projectile used to be the one below)


Ah, alright, anyways

First Idea:
Dagger of Fiery Illusion
This dagger was forged in Daichi’s own secluded expanse, but in the midst of reciting the final incantation, a band of heroes broke in and took the bayonet in its half finished state. Henceforth, the blade is stuck in in an eternal limbo between normal and fire.


  • Tier: UT
  • Damage:
  • Range:
  • Special properties: Shots pass through enemies
  • Fame Bonus:6%
  • Feed Power:500

Drops From:

Arena round 15

More info

So basically, this dagger has two shot patterns each one has a 50% chance of shooting the blade shot and the fire shot

Shot Pattern1:

Shot Pattern2:


Nice!! Do more items! I’ll create more! Btw the items don’t drop by enemies but rather you obtain them as one of the prizes you get by buying them with coins which you earn by complete rounds in the arena.


Changing the light crystal bow projectile to look like this:


Alright, then, for the Dark Shade Sword, i’d say itd go in a spiral, somewhat like a spiral, or a whirlpool, sorry for no sprite example but couldnt make it in pfiffle

Anyways, im getting a bir burnt out on creating this stuff, so is it possible for you to make the stats and stuff, most of it will be a simple copy paste

Item Name: Dark Shade Sword
Description: This blade was curved from the void entity, its infinite gravitaional well causes its shots to spiral uncontrollably.


Sure I guess I’ll do some of it myself. But whenever you feel like getting back to it, please do. I can use some help with this idea.