This needs to stop [events spawning on same tile]


Again, not at the same time, but created some interesting terrain.
Also, kill callout as priest


I’m glad the sentry was dead, cool landscape though


Thank you AKLDragon, very cool!


no kanye


Dragon’s Nest


Sentry Shrine


Small realm with a hermit dragon


it looks like an eye


Here’s one that I found on the subreddit:


an aftermath of the herm x bee event


Running in to take a screenshot of the mayhem, totally worth it


that is quite the collection of red dots on the minimap


I logged in and saw this monstrosity, barely got close enough to get a corner shot before I had to bail.
Never seen this before - my question is how rare is this?
(Apologies if this isn’t important)


I call this one the Avatar of the Forgotten BEES


the specific combintion should be quite rare, but stacked events aren’t very uncommon


I got saw that a couple days ago


So, is DECA doing anything about this?


Given that this thread alone is more than a year and a half old, I would say they are not. Besides, it provides the occasional challenge for players that we don’t get otherwise, and spices the game up!


My ultimate dream is to see an Avatar Nest Sentry Cube Ship.


Old screenshot, but it seems that Davy Jones must have called for the Kraken to aid his conquest

Looks like the Ghost Ship wishes to sail the 8th Sea, The Honey Seas, as well