This needs to stop [events spawning on same tile]


I was at a lord of the lost lands that spawned on a nest and that was fun


Avabee of the Forgonest Queening


Here’s a weird one. Ocean trench, nest and lost hall events. are there set tiles where events spawn or is it just pure chance?


set tiles


goes in balls deep for screenshot


Deca, plz fix it so event bosses don't spawn together

Just offcenter it!


The Lost Ghost Ship?


yeah… 14 ppl died including 3 7/8s and 2 8/8s


is it just me that most “stacking” of event bosses is with lost sentry and Avatar? and why does most stacks involve lost sentry? ( plz no hurtz me, just curious )


It’s just that those tend to survive longer than others.


Lord of the lost nest


still waiting for the day when we get a skull nest of the avatar of the lost hermit sphinx lord’s ship


That would be a new level of fun (as well as a new meaning to bullet hell)

Also it should be prefixed with permafrost or Biff the, as well as cube and lucky and end with prisoner


Plus this fucker


Bonegrind, the Grand Undead Frosthermit Sphinx Lord Avatar of the Sentry of the Jade Ghost Cubebunny Dragon Nest.

Note: The combined words are intentional.


Just a speculation but it seems that there are a lot of stacking of event bosses, I think Deca might have change the chances? ( plz no hurtz me, I am just guessing, PLZ!!! )


So we were doing a Gship and it spawned with lost sentry… and yeah…

a total of 14 ppl died…

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They need to git gud


lol 3 7/8s died, and about 7-8 red star+