This needs to stop [events spawning on same tile]


Ayyy I was there too x3 got a wis qnq


It happens very rarely so I don’t really think it’s a problem, I guess they could still fix it though.


Personally I think it adds a challenge to completing the event and makes for some humorous screenshots :stuck_out_tongue: Although, it may stop the realm from being able to be closed if it’s not able to be done, so I guess it’s more important that it be fixed.


I kinda like the challenge. Even with the hp scaling, all of the event bosses die really fast, and this seems like the only way that these guys can actually be a threat. If it’s holding up the realm, then people just need to work together.


Yeah you’re right, I love fighting things that don’t get steamrolled in a millisecond. If events have to gang up so that they don’t, then that just means players have to do what the game meant for them to do, work together.


so, you like the 14 deathes that happened?


Not worse than lost skulls


this isn’t even close to lost avatar of the nest.


Our realm once did lost avatar of the nest

They somehow killed the avatar last, and so both LH and Hive were lost, and guess what? NATTS


Its a fun challenge and should be kept


I agree, it should be kept so more players die, means if they buy shit, more money for deca means more updates to game means more hard bosses = alot of dead players J J good game 10/10 IGN



  • It’s a bug! >:(
  • It’s a feature

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Am I the only person who hopes for stacked events?

They are one of the most fun parts of RotMG


no, and yes it is the most fun of rotmg. If it was taken out, it be boring af :l for me, I don’t know about the others.


Don’t worry we’re aware haha, so no need to spam the subreddit with stacked encounters.
It’s an issue that runs pretty deeply since I’m pretty sure it always worked like this ever since Encounters were introduced back in 2010. Reworking Encounter spawns is on our list of things to do, as introducing more Encounters will only keep amplifying the issue. But it also makes for interesting challenges (even if not always desired by design) players overcome eventually, so it hasn’t been a high priority to fix so far.


Is that real?


makes the game fun tbh


yes that was real and it was a bug with the christmas shatters event.


the one last year?
I think is cuz you didn’t buff it enough.