This needs to stop [events spawning on same tile]



Mine was this Skull Shrine x Avatar x Sentry combo


gets bloody


We had to kill bee’s than we killed herm lmao this is a weird spawn…


Hey i’m in this screen shot.


Any of you guys remember the glitch where you had a 1/4 billion chance to have any boss in the game spawn instead of the event chest? Wonder if that’s still in the game.




better not be the void entity


there was an old screenshot of ivory wyvern spawning in shatts instead of chest in reddit




Wasn’t that limited to the lod dragon? Although I’m not sure since we have even seen haunted cemetery walls (the gray metal bars) spawn in Ocean Trenches.


It only happened with the lod dragon, but it could have been in any boss.


I love a pumpkin nest


Sentry Witch is always fun


Enjoying your island, cube god? (Not at the same time)


Again, not at the same time, but created some interesting terrain.
Also, kill callout as priest


I’m glad the sentry was dead, cool landscape though


Thank you AKLDragon, very cool!


no kanye


Dragon’s Nest


Sentry Shrine