This needs to stop [events spawning on same tile]


Wait, which bosses are those? Avatar and… ghost ship?


Avatar and Sentinel :hibiscus:


I see we haven’t had an entry for awhile, so here’s one I encountered:

Crystalised Eye of the Avatar


Probs the perfect time for a screenshot :>


I suppose Oryx enjoys this spot very much


Introducing this little horror.

The General Chat Thread


Just found this, couldn’t get close though as the Sentry causes this crappy computer to dc, later helped kill super blue beehemoth after Sentry died though


I just submitted feedback on the RotMG discord to get this fixed, waiting for mod approval


No don’t fix it, it’s such a wonderful challenge when it occurs

Makes events more varied and less boring


well too late. maybe the feedback will be rejected for whatever reason and then no


well, it was approved


The thing is, they’ve tried to fix this in the past, to no avail.


Gentlemen, BEHOLD!



If my computer didn’t lag so much then I would want in on this


wait thats illegal



not even hard with that big of a group


Imagine getting a white from the one which dies first


tru tho


I think the real flex here is you being next to THAT shit at level 1.


Oh god why are you putting such a nightmarish image in my head.

Post funny moments in-game!