This needs to stop [events spawning on same tile]



Just happened in USW2, Bees, Sentry and Miner spawned at the same time, nice battle guys!




sounds like armor break hell


The Sentry and Dwarf Miner spawned on top of each other.
Paralyze + mushroom men = sure death

Post funny moments in-game!

I had Ava and Rock Dragon Maglev Train before.


Hey, that actually looks fun! It doesn’t seem impossible. I would have at least attempted it!


Coincidentally, I had such an encounter as well!


For some reason, the hermit was very, very slow to pop up after we killed the sentry- the bag (and halls) dissapeared just before the deep water disappeared.


Crystal Worm Dragon? o wo


You’ve heard of Crystal Worm Dragon, now get ready for…


I am not worthy to name this event.


Rock of the Forgotten Father?

Dragon of the Avatar’s Worm?


Forgotten Crystal Dragon

Crystal Rock Avatar

Dragon of the Forgotten Father


Anger skull and ground snakes


Dragon ruins relationship with father


my last relationship


Crosspost from Reddit because it deserves a spot in this thread:


I’ve seen a lot of stacked events, but this was by far the one that took the longest to clear! Not pictured is the Totalia that also spawned just across from where I am here that we cleared first.


The Avatar of Forgotten Worm Father Prisoner.




Eyes of the Dragon