This needs to stop [events spawning on same tile]


And penta stuns


So yeah, you can’t shoot and can’t move, spooky boi comes over and goes, “hey how’s it goin?” Then you are dead


Don’t forget the Temple statues that will insta you if you do get paralyzed. Good times man…


This was fun for the 30 minutes that it was alive😂. Have you guys ever seen this or any events stacked on each other? I’ve seen a couple before but they seem really rare.


now just add a hem to that stack and itll b great




What is that?


avatar and lost halls thing


all at once?




What do you call it now?
Avatar of the Lost Halls?
Avatar of the Void?
Avatar of the Golem?
Lost Avatar?




How long did it take to get rid of both of them?
(and don’t worry about the moving thing, the forum gods will take care of that for you :wink: )


I was there it took a solid hour with around 30 people the whole time.


I finally saw a cube god on a hermit. Yay! It died


Its called the Lost Avatar


Lost Sentry+Avatar= Don’t Even Try
Was strolling in glands when a person came into the realm begging for help to kill an avatar. Thought it was the usual empty realm needs people but it was full. Then I saw this. This here folks, is The Impossible Avatar. Though luckily there wasn’t a shatts :stuck_out_tongue:


I tried one! I dced, and 3 min later it was gone


Grand Sentry


what do you call a skull shrine on a sentry? I found one