This needs to stop [events spawning on same tile]


Lost shrine of the skullish sentry


Still waiting for Lost Ent


Imagine getting a QoT on the middle tile x)


I would kill myself to get a screenie of that…


Avatar Stacked onto the Halls

Anyone else have any event spawn screenshots that make them run for mama?

Seriously though Deca is it that hard to write some protocol that prevents an event from spawning on top of another live event? This is a serious question, I know shit about programming.


Oh I remember I had a herm stacked on a nest. It was much harder then it sounded, impossible to get to actual herm and chase tentacles. There were also some urgles around, inducing more rage.


You see I believe that there are set points all over the map or events to spawn on. So there is a chance for a event to spawn in a spot that is already currently hosting an event on it.

I’m not sure if that’s how it is exactly but it seems reasonable to me.


had an avahermsphinx once but the positioning of the herm was weird so the ot spawned right next to ava


So i recently found this

And thought…
“Should this be fixed?”

i think it should be as it practically denies taking either of those events.
yes you can just change realm but i still think the community would be better off not having this.

Vote on this poll wether you think it should be removed or not and/or write in the comment section why you think it should/should not be removed

  • Yes, I think this should be removed
  • No, i think it should stay

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Yea I’m sorry to say but this does happen in RotMG sometimes. It can be random combinations like a Temple Event with a Lost Halls Event in the same place, but it seems you found one with both Nest and LH Event. This is something that DECA needs to fix but I don’t think they’ve got around to it yet or haven’t released a patch for it yet. But hey, what do I know. Idk what DECA does in the background. All we can do is wait for them to fix it so we just need some patience.

Decker wth is this

Well, thats just bad luck, thats all.


It should stay as it forces people to work together if they ever want a chance at closing a realm, on the flip side its a paradise for a fame train as it would (without effort) Never close


More like it kills characters leading to people buying more keys to get their whites back, encouraging deca to start doing this on purpose.


Way to think in between the lines!


Well That to ._. well i guess this will never be removed…

But then again almost everything can be explained with it kills people.


It seems worse now than ever before, because of the fact that people hate fighting Nest (event), and Sentinel (event) is optional, so both of those events remain in the realm far far far longer than everything else does, making the chance of a Nest+2nd event or a Sentinel+2nd event a ton higher than “normal”.

“Normal” would be something like: a Cube (spawns on spot, dies 20 seconds later), 10 minutes pass. Sphinx (spawns on same spot where Cube was, dies 15 seconds later), nobody notices it was on the same spot except for maybe a few cube remnants.

Solution is: fix the Nest to be more killable, and take away Sentinel’s “special flower” optional treatment, and also make that more killable, and problem solved, these events will die in a sensible time and doublespawn goes back to the rarity it used to be because these unloved monstrosities are no longer left abandoned for æons in the realms.


Why is this thread a thing, I did this as a meme.


because people make posts about it all the time and they are all redirected here


Why tho


because having a lot of posts about this subject clutters up the forums and people keep finding it notable

Pretty nice Event mix