This needs to stop [events spawning on same tile]


:cry: it was working this time tho


Ok fair enough. But how is that your privacy if i found you in game i could see your characters i could see you you had equipped and your skins level and that but on your realmeye you have that blocked and you never show your stuff (btw thats why its called “suspicious cropping”).

Only thing we could assume is haxxed client


Soz boo


so he is an alt?


its ok im still ur fan furever <3


nu im dezo now


So im in a new realm wandering around when an avatar spawns I was like ok let me clear that so its not showing up in quests and I can search for other things. And this is where things go wrong :open_mouth: so I rush to it and I see this :confused:


Made for an interesting avatar fight

2 for 1 deal, I guess, but neither nest nor shatts spawned


The other day we had rock statues (rock dragon + ajde/garnet statues)
Since the dragon died way faster, I saw 4 people dying to try and get their loot bags by a statue sitting on them


Avatar of the forgotten halls


ent and lost sentry next to each other

rock avatar (sry I couldn’t get a better picture)



Ive had a lot of bosses that stack up on the same field, cube god and sphinx, etc etc.
But this one is a lot of fun because we need to clear the small skulls first, and its literally on top of each other. Sentry shots, skull shotguns, and spoopy boi circling lel. Its like the sentry is riding on that juicy skull if u know what i mean :^)


P.S i dont know what that nguyenba talking, some stray thai came and ruined my cool pic.


Some ppl would be glad of that so they dont have to worry about tping to the wrong place because 3 quest markers will be there


Have u seen lost hermit or lord of the lost halls?


Hermit, yes. lost halls, no.

FYI its lost sentry


your lost avatars and lost nests got nothing on this:


dear god that looks like a pain


Just found myself. What’s worse is that the temple spawned in the sentry and nest.