This needs to stop [events spawning on same tile]


Died (obviously) in the making of this screenshot… had to do it, though!
Thanks Deca!


Oh, lol. I thought it was pretty funny, actually… No desire for it to stop. Extra challenge, and since my guild has been dead for years it is my only chance to experience LH when something like this happens.


It sounds more normal to sat LH ik its lost swntry but i just say lh


Join our guild, slightly more active


i would say so too if i had a life


@BTL pls



49 PM Yeah, this is a lot more common than I thought…


While I’ve seen some weird nests spawns and lost sentry spawns on the hermit, this is the first i’ve seen a lost sentry spawn on an avatar. Given how doing both at the same time with “spoooky boy” seems rather unlikely, what are the chances DECA will fix this?lost halls   shatters


I’ve also seen Ghost Ships spawn on Nests. This can be extremely annoying when the Bees are activated or when the nest thingies are still shooting.


Saw one of these, and (to my surprise) they somehow managed (hitting both) to kill the full health sentry first

Sadly natts and nalls, but I did get a def and a spd.


The newest Deca event! Skull Sentry! Or Sentry Shrine? Or broken. LOL.



Double stacked event?

How about a triple stacked event.


I spy with my little :eye:
a Lost Nest Shrine


Tbh honest some of these are pretty fun and challenging. Maybe this should be a thing that happens occasionally, and when it does spawn, it has a higher white drop rate.


lost avatar…

42 AM

we did it tho…

but that was intense. turns out it was natts and nalls :frowning: atleast we did it


I just saw a nest and pentaract and skull shrine all in the same place


Only got the aftermath

I chose ddocks