This video is a must watch xd


I mean… it plays like a tumblr girl’s “hehe xd I’m so random” humor. Not a fan - but to each their own I guess.




What the heck did i just watched

Everyone can see that all the movie’s budget was used to buy cocaine.


This was hilarious, The production quality was hilarious. I’ve never seen something so bad that it was good in my life.


Thats what you guys find funny?


The world is a big place. I don’t get why people are having a hard time understanding that people find something funny even though other people find it stupid.


No joke, I got more of a laugh out of this then out of the video


You ever watch something that was terribly made, and cringy as hell, but after watching for a while, find that you enjoyed it. Like… it was terrible but its terribleness is part of what made it great? I don’t find it the case here but I guess others might.


It reflects the humor of videos of the likes of people of BagelBoy or Timotainment, most noteable in the genre is riddle of the rocks


cdirk: why do i hear boss music


necc ro post


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