This week's event - Event Whites x2! [Mar 26th to Mar 31st]


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Event white classification

This is my favorite kind of event because it encourages not sitting in the Nexus waiting for keys to be popped, but rather actually playing the game


Time to get that dirk of coronavirus


Graphic from the news panel:

Event Whites x2 event

…I am interested in one of these enemies more than the others, but mostly going to be trying for Nest wbs and Dwarf wb, since I don’t have those yet.


yes i can get my vile back




I want my ogmur back =-=



“Do you have your Shield of Ogmur yet?” quite pain stabbing heart quote for some people ( bad deca xD)
ogmur is a ONCE per realm event and like 0.01% drop rate IMO… so 2x drop is like 0,02%


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