Thoughts on new LoD


Honestly, the only thing that I think might hold people back from doing LoDs is the current loot table - which, in truth, I’m not too familiar with, as I’ve done too few prod-LoDs to give an estimate for the droprates.<

It seems the drop table is just as bad as the original.

It’s just not worth dodging the craziness of green dragon for a speed potion.

I’d be ok with it if they actually buffed drop rates.

But then again, I’m sure the amount of nests would go up if the drop rates were increased there too.


Limoz…isn’t that difficult, from what I can recall.
Sure, the semifinal phase where the shields act as inwards tentacles can bee a little tricky, but aside from that, it’s not that insane.

Also, you can select text from my reply to actually quote me. Replying to Bruno just leaves them confused.


I think current LoD is pretty good: no DPS checks due to removed healing, no leeching because no pillars/chests, less trolling because each boss order always leads to ivory, melee friendlier thanks to the new phases, less stale gameplay because of the inheritance system, more incentive to run the dungeon because of buffed STs/Cele Blade/several pot drops/new consumable.

I don’t find the dungeon hard at all, tried it with several classes too. Dare I say ‘git gud’?


(hint hint check out my two different videos of it hint hint)


It’s not about the ‘git gud’.

It’s the clear signs that LOD will be a dead dungeon.

LOD was always a ‘low-yield’ dungeon.

The drop rates were not buffed. The dungeon became harder.

And unless you want to write a wasd essay the dungeon is definitely not a cup of tea for melee (or ranged).

In fact unless you’re aiming to face tank with a high pet Ivory is definitely more spam that void.

It was hard enough to get a group to complete LOD before the changes. Now it’s just another ghost town dungeon.

Just like the nest.



Stop. You’re making up facts from single-time experiences.
If you can go around and point me to a grand list of active Realm players that agree that LoD is a dungeon they actively ignore, then sure, I’ll believe you.

But as it stands now, nothing is pointing towards that except you.


Do people actively avoid the Nest?
I’ve never heard someone say they actively avoid the nest but I know for sure that they ignore the bees.

It’s quite obvious not as many people are going in.

Like Candyshi said that could be due to no leechers.

But I think it’s just common sense.

Why would you bother with a green dragon that drops spd and a mediocre white?


Overall good , but I think the drop rate should increased or has to be with better drop table (such as life/mana on wyvern)


I actively avoid the Nest because I have no interest in bosses that test my connection and hardware more than my skills.

Also you should really stop typing like this, it’s useless and obnoxious.


I feel like the whole inheritance mechanic should’ve affected the overall drop rate of the dragons, and changed the ST Set drop locations (simply make Limoz drop the Armor and Nikao the Helm, leaving the Wyvern with nothing).

For example, if Feargus is the last dragon, he’ll have a higher chance to drop the Amulet of Drakefyre and the Celestial Blade compared that if he was fought third, second or first, also the Ivory Wyvern would grab the ST Drop from the last dragon and add it to his own drop table.

It would incentivize to have various patterns to advance thoughout LoD depending on what rewards you want, as some time from now there’ll be a general consensus on the easiest LoD pattern and basically the loot wouldn’t be any different.


That is how it works. The later a dragon is in your order, the better its drop rates. Ivory is also capable of dropping all ST pieces by default.


Oh, i thought it wasn’t a thing because there was no mention of it in the patch notes.

Well that simply makes the dungeon way better than it already is.


I can ask around. So far the anecdotal evidence I’ve been getting suggests people do not like it.



I think the main problem with LOD is the droprates, and I think I’m seeing the same thing with Shaitans as well. I would say that both are more difficult than their previous incarnations, yet the drop rates seem still the same as before. This leads to people not wanting to do it, because why do something (relatively more) challenging for not that much loot? Heck, look at DDocks; you’ll often get like a spd or dex pot even in large groups, where the boss is rather trivial since it gets melted and the shots get tanked. Even though it’s not guaranteed, the drop rate is high enough that people still do it.

Though as for the leechers who don’t want to do the dungeon now since they can’t leech, good riddance!


No idea how this happened, but most likely due to the gigantic lagspike that happened right before nikao got to this phase.

(as for drop rates, I didn’t do much, but I got the fdba in the same dungeon this pic was taken in)


I have done about 6 of the new LODs, I am pretty sure I must of gotten a few pots but I honestly don’t remember. Still not a fan of the LOD basically because it take so long to do and the reward sucks.

Its a long grind for a few pots that you may get as a reward, 4 crappy white bags that are very rare and the Ivory white bag that seems to have a drop rate of 0.00000000001%. I can get any of the pots easier in other dungeons or just trade 4 or 5 DEF for a life.

Basically, I will avoid this newly reworked dungeon the same way I avoided the old LOD. I can’t even see me doing this during a chest event when people are opening them for the crowd.


Have not done the new shaitans as I did not know it was reworked. If they made it harder and the drop rates are the same as they were, which are horrible then why would I want to do it?

I must have done hundreds of shaitens when they were chest events just to finally get the skull and now that I have it and tried it then realized it was not all that great … why would I ever want to do another shaitans rework or not? I mean who really gives a crap about dex or def tincs? I did get about 4 wakis and 1 skull. Not worth the huge effort for those UTs.


I simply love the remake to LoD, with dragons that are now actually challenging and unique movesets, along with a very special inheritance mechanic that allows for numerous combinations and challenges each time you enter the dungeon.

I think a big problem we all can agree on, however, is the loot. The only buffs to the loot were the celestial blade and draconis potions. Aside from that, loot is extremely subpar for a dungeon that is probably more difficult than OT itself, and we’re talking about drop chance specifically.
This was gotten from a solo LoD, minus the equipment of course. Soloing the 4 dragons, plus the wyvren, only yielded a sup def, 3 draconis potions, def, att and a dex in my bp. For the time and difficulty it took to solo this dungeon, the loot is hardly worthwhile. Even in groups, the dungeon takes fairly long to do and drop rates are still crappy because drops from the 4 dragons are not guaranteed even if you solo .

If you’re gonna remake a dungeon, you must factor in Risk vs Reward. Simply copy-pasting the reward factor from the old LoD to the new LoD, while increasing the risk factor of LoD, is definitely not going to work, so it is quite a shame to see this dungeon discouraging others, including myself, from touching it due to the fact that better equipment and pots can be found in easier/more convenient locations.


So just having a guaranteed stay pot for everyone that reached sb threshold should be good enough for the loot problem right?
Or maybe make ivory drop life or Mana potions.


Guaranteed rainbows from each boss would be all it takes to not make it a total waste of time. Mana from ivory would be nice, considering the current non-halls sources of mana are Thessal, cdepths and parasite chambers, none of which are particularly difficult, and shatters’ 2nd boss which is another problem entirely.

I wouldn’t mind potential life from it either. Probably won’t happen, but I can dream.