Thoughts on new LoD


Yea, while pro players may not pick up most potions, at least it feels good to see loot, or maybe that’s just me. And for Oryx’s sake, the wyvren turns into gold yet he drops crap, I thought we were battling in a dragon temple that tests our mastery of the 4 elements so that we can retrieve the elusive treasures the Wyvren is guarding? I’d like for a chance of mana/life to drop!


In actuality, they’ll add those treasure thingies.
You know, like Pearl Necklaces - except they’re part of the Wyvern.
When you get 4 or somefin, you can turn them into an unlocker that places a Wyvern statue in your vault.
Wishful dreaming…


Damn that’s a great idea. Best way to improve realm cosmetically. How did no one ever think of this?


Would have been in the “houses” update (either a very late WS or a Kabam idea), but much like Elder Realms it never went past the “notes at the end of the page to give players hope we’ll make any kind of significant change” phase.


So I solo’d a new LOD for the fun of it.

Why is the loot still bad? The dragons don’t even have guaranteed pot drops for 1 person!
I ended up only getting 1 spd from Limoz and 1 def 1 dex 1 draconis potion from Ivory.

Idk how long solo took, maybe 20-30 minutes?
It felt engaging and fun… but the loot is still bad. :confused:


As much as I may defend LoD and enjoy it, I can’t deny that the loot is indeed quite scarce for such a lengthy dungeon.

I think guaranteeing at least one potion per dragon if soulbound is reached would be a good way to at least partially fix this.
From what I’ve heard, the drop rates for the UTs increase as you go through each dragon. So, doing Limoz last results in a higher chance of getting a Leaf Hide than doing Limoz first. Supposedly!


Good to know as I’m going to be farming for 2 sullen blades soon


I think that loot listed from Ivory might be guaranteed for at least 1 person, since I soloed like 3/5ths of a LoD (other person left after the 2nd dragon) a few days ago and also got 1 def, 1 dex, 1 draconis potion, and the mark.

I don’t really think 1 def and 1 dex for doing potentially the entire dungeon solo is quite worth the squeeze.

(also related: I feel like midgame dungeons such as these, which are feasible to do solo but take a long time, should reward more for a solo at least. Ideally, you’d have a group of people to do the dungeon with, as is expected for an MMO, but from experience, people get bored and it won’t be as good of loot as just doing glands dungeons or, in USS nexus case, waiting for the next pop with lots more people, in that same amount of time, so people just leave and then you’re left alone with the option to also nexus or finish the dungeon.

Also also also soloing means you get to see all the phases of a boss/most of what a dungeon has to offer as nothing will get steamrolled or skipped, it’s fun and a neat experience and adds back some challenge to dungeons you normally sleepwalk through in groups and we really should reward this)




It always was special in that it’s ‘Limoz the Veridian Dragon Deux’ in there, like all the BNex bosses separately coded as a ‘Deux’ version so they can have their own drop table different from the standard boss. Same as they did with Mad God Mayhem’s bosses. Meaning that changes to the standard boss won’t affect the other version. Also old O2! Hooray!

And hopefully being a special Kabam-commemoration dungeon, Deca’s roving itchy-fingers will not fall upon the mighty BNex and let us keep experiencing the old Limoz and O2 as a piece of glorious history unsullied by HP scale! (of course restoring the original higher whitebag loot rates would be nice :stuck_out_tongue: , as they are simply vanity items). Yeah, I like BNex you might’ve guessed. Alas its dungeon counter was only installed in 2017 so I can’t show off my completions. But we’ve talked about it too much hush I already fear the rework police are listening in… :male_detective:


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Okay I’m necro-reviving this because I want to talk about the new Lod some more now that it’s been in the game for a little while!

My opinion of it definitely has improved since my first thoughts.
But most specifically I want to talk about the order that people do the dungeon in, as I can’t really find much discussion about it.

Red-Blue-Green-Black seems the default, most of the ones I saw in the recent event went this way.
Or Red-any-any-Blue if the Altar intervened, wasn’t at all bad, as Blue doesn’t get much tougher being last.

I’ve seen a few start Blue-Red… that’s pretty reasonable for the whole fight.

But I got a shock when trying for a change Green-Black-Red-Blue.
Black had the misama clouds appearing and disappearing, nearly died to those, and then Red seemed really tough to dodge the boss shots what with green solid obstacles around the place (were three of us only left by this point when I nexused in a mess).

Any other weird orders you particularly like or dislike?
Are any particularly bad for robes, or for melees?
Ivory seems not much bother no matter what order, or is there something that is a really bad combo?

Or in general do you have any more thoughts now that the dungeon has been in for a while?


It was meant to be the endgame back in the day though


tbh I kinda dislike Nikao’s inherited Feargus shots during the egg phase - he shoots literal wings of pet stasis shots over the “bridges”, that are very tough to dodge.

Feargus’ inherited Limoz miasma is also quite tricky, its spread is incredibly quick too - but a change in tactics is all that’s needed to properly tackle that.

Pyyr’s minions are also really overwhelming when fought last in the order Black-Blue-Green-Red; Pet Stasis tornadoes, Sick shots from the miniond, and Slowing shots from Pyyr - yikes.
I’d say that he’s the most polarizing of all dragons: fought first, he’s quite easy, but with any inherited buffs he gets a whole lot nastier.
On top of that he’s also the least “creative” of the dragons; he only has three different phases, which are just done twice each - except the second set has lava in the arena.
Tbh, I’d like it if he got at least a different final phase, to give him a bit more of an identity.
As for his minions, if they didn’t inflict their status effects for the first time of that phase, that could make it a little more forgiving - alongside perhaps a decrease in aggro range. Make those lazy bums move around a bit, don’t let them all gang up on a solo player!

I don’t really have anything to say about Limoz - except that the requirements for his shields to be thrown are a little weird. Sometimes I shoot 'em once and they get thrown, sometimes I push them to spawn a hatchling. It’s weird!


well, this is not back in the day


@SunnyBPW made this might be of interest


@Unicorn the wiki page too has a lot of info about the inheritance features and a gallery of screenshots too.

Yeah @Seelpit it was those purple ‘wings’ of shots (you mention at Nikao) that seemed to be the toughest part when they showed up at Pyyr. Definitely can’t be ignored/lazy tanked.


Is it bad that I genuinely hate every pixel of this dungeon with the entirety of my being?


hmm no.