Thoughts on sorcerer


Oops, my bad. Fixed.


I’d buff the dex by five but that’s it


As a main sorc I’d say that if you want to really do great you should use the tiered septer as all the Ut ones are so situational as one can hit only 1 target(3 max) and another gains damage based on the number of enemies it hit first. I’d also like to say you have to choose between your ability and defense which changes based on you play style, defense is more important early and later on you might want focus on you ability using wis boosting armors, but Shendyt supports both and that’s a great armor to wear engame.


In my experience, the only drawback of the sorcerer is all the drops you get off-screen and don’t pick up.


No need for a buff. One of my favourite classes; decent speed, good damage, range + piercing, an ability that does distributed damage for clearing, getting SB.

Lots of UT options; a wand that ignore armour, another with 10 range for sniping and not triggering enemies, others with higher DPS and no piercing; a sceptre that slows, two that do larger amounts of damage to fewer targets. Can use most any decent robe and ring.

Perhaps there’s one thing I’d change, have the wis go up to 75, as it always seems to cap out too soon. But then would need to redo all the sceptres as they are balanced around 60 wis max. And there are lots of other ways to raise your wis.



Just feed that to a pet it does as much as a their 2 but doesn’t lose damage for targets as it hits the most targets


Read this this is a topic of sorc I made quite a bit back


sorc is my favorite class. recently ninja’s come close to overtaking that spot because it’s more exciting and requires you to pay more attention, but sorc is still #1 for me. devastation instakills from across the screen combined with instantaneous mass slow just can’t be beat.


Sorcerer is pretty good. Lots of sets you can choose to use. Good damage and the scepter is a fun concept.
No need for buff.


Like the others said, its quite powerful and fun to play with. However, I personally dislike its fragility.


I think Sorcerer is perfectly balanced, the wands bring below average DPS with the scepters devastating everything. Sorcerer is one of my favorite classes bar non.


Sorcerer is boring to play


To be fair outside of Rogue and Trickster, none of the classes are very mechanically demanding which is what I assume lead you to this judgment.


I really like Sorc. too bad i still don’t have para scepter ): pray4paraevent


Really? For Rogue all most people ever do is spam spacebar every 6.5 seconds, and stay away from other people while cloaked


Rushing is fun. Anyway I had a very different experience playing Rogue and was playing with a max uncommon back then. So does that mean you think Trickster is the only interesting class in the game?


But that’s what makes it unique and so interesting – you are continually having to find distinct strategies to other classes, Especially as more and more the game contains measures that stop you just rushing past everything, such as high HP barriers that make you wait, or enemies and dungeons with particular challenges for Rogues.


if you zap, get popped off the map


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