Thousand shot bow resprite


I felt like thousand shot bow sprite needed some more oomph, so I made this resprite to try to give it this oomph that it’s missing.


Original sprite




cool enough but sometimes simpler is better, i would say i prefer the old one


Like said above, RotMG often catches the hearts of players through simple and nostalgic sprites. Examples of this would be the Helm of the Juggernaut, the Cloak of the Planewalker, and even the Ancient Stone Sword to some extent. It is noticeable that these beloved sprites are from an earlier era, while the “modern-looking” ones with a lot of shading and detail (eg. Corruption Cutter, Tezcacoatl’s Tail, and the Alien Equipment) come from later eras.

Seeing how the Thousand Shot is a long-timer of the game, I would hate to see it changed.

Nevertheless, I appreciate your willingness to improve in-game art, and would say that your skills in spriting are indeed improving. Keep up the work!

– Gamma :v:


instead of adding shading to old items can we resprite the new items with less shading?


If we collectively shade everything more, than the newer sprites look like they belong and everything looks better, most of yall think it only looks worse because of nostalgia, but if everything was resprited to be more shaded (not overshaded though), people would eventually get over the nostalgia and accept that generally speaking, the game is better looking


like when they took the corner pixels off of hydra? that was a pretty cool change


Rotmg looks so much like a pserver now. The new items don’t fit the 8-bit feel of the chars qq


Yes, I would definitely agree to this. Their funky and simple themes are nearly completely dead.


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