Thread for minor forum bugs that arent worth making an own thread


The intention of this thread is to collect all the minor bugs in the forum that arent worth makeing an own thread:

  • If you make a post in a thread and have the “latest” page open in another tab, it changes to latest(1), which is annyoing because its not an unread post

  • if you change the capitalization in the name of someone while @ing them, and click the @ed name, the user card displays the name with the wrong capitalization (see here @mynamerr and @myNAMERR- the user cards are different)

  • Sometimes one gets 2 desktop notifications for the same reply (even if isnt changed)

(+probably a lot more)

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A few trivialities

its actually supposed to be about bugs in the forum (there is already a similar thread for game bugs (the one that Niegel mentioned))


The forum icon still says BETA. Not sure if this is a bug, but I don’t think the forum is in beta anymore.


Guess this is this, but for Realmeye stuff


I allowed notifications on this school chromebook, and every time it gives me a notification about a thread I click on it and it says “page not found”


Likes given and not next to likes received.


This has made me anal since September

  • Sometimes if you type `@Username’ and press enter too fast it will automatically switch the @ to someone else.

  • If your zoom is greater than 100%, some of the items on the editor toolbar get cutoff (i.e. the poll maker).

  • Badges are stupid and sometimes don’t work (this is just me whining).

  • Reading on phone sometimes doesn’t register that you’ve read the topic, probably not something to do with the forum but how the software interacts w/ the phone (i.e. it doesn’t register that you read the topic).



  1. anal personality - (psychoanalysis) a personality characterized by meticulous neatness and suspicion and reserve

It’s just that we PM’d mreyeball on multiple occasions and he never responded, so we eventually gave up despite me still being anal about it.


I can’t Quote multiple people easily on my phone, that’s why I post twice when replying to different people.


Thread for minor forum bugs that arent worth makeing an own thread
fix it




I got a 403 error (“thats forbidden”) while trying to post something, but it worked at the next attempt


Just found this here:

In short, I posted a RealmEye link to the Gemstone page.

but it seems like the tooltip definition overrides the linking function.

Other links work fine. @moderators


Well that sucks. The plugin is pretty simple, but i’m not sure the order in which things are parsed. Sounds like something the plugin author needs to address. We’ll see if it gets fixed.


Lol, first time I’ve caught you making any grammatical/spelling mistakes.

Want me to go and contact the plugin author on the Discourse meta forums? I mean, it’s not a serious problem (hence why it’s in this thread) but yeah, first time I noticed it.


I’ve always been lazy with capital I’s preceding apostrophes.

You don’t have to bother yourself with going that far. We’ll take care of it.


the same goes for mentions (but it seems to work sometimes)


Lol was gonna quote cleg. Editing too fast 5 me.


The post counter on the about page doesnt work probably (look at it, make a post and refresh the page and the number doesnt change)