Thread for minor forum bugs that arent worth making an own thread


Is it sad that I saw theimage and recognized it as the rick astley song?


No you probably just have a good memory


I don’t remember what this word means.


Abandoning threads and replies don’t actually abandon them, they just pop up later.


its not a bug, its a feature!

At least its useful to me

Sometimes on my mobile the scroll bar dissapears when I click on it, instead of popping up the scroll menu


You can do the same thing by doing this

[words here] ()


I am bumping this and getting the 100 reply.

What a madlad

Sometimes the “back” button that sends you to the last reply you viewed on a thread doesnt work because it tries to load all of the replies before it, and sometimes when I open a thread I am on the original post instead of the bottom


Since this thread got bumped I guess I can put this up.

Is the changing of font when you hover over names in the player info page a feature? It feels like a bug and I don’t know what the point of having it be there is. (The thing below is a gif, if there’s a weird delay you can blame the online file converter I used for slowing it down.)


Yes, it lets you seee whats an I (capital i) and whats an I (normal l).



outdated, but probably a lot of faq shit is


google uses it for some reason


(Apologies for the move/return of the above post to here, this thread is fine for it).

The above forum bug post is referring to errors on the below page, which will need one of the @moderators to edit as it’s within a privileged category:

In bulletpoint 1 the link written beneath the screenshot needs updating to (this page then immediately redirects in my browser to but maybe this is affected by regionalisation/localisation, so probably better to use the first link)

The screenshot itself is an old front screen with slight different layout, although the Support only moved one place to the right, less important but maybe can be updated all the same.

And bulletpoint 3 also gives an out-of-date URL in the ‘Email us’.
This whole bulletpoint probably wants changing to refer to the ‘Submit Ticket’ link that now appears at the top right of every help topic.

I haven’t actually got any experience of doing a support ticket through the site to know if there’s anything else wrong for example in the last paragraph where it talks about confirmation email etc.


The image is also wrong since the Servers button got moved, but that doesn’t matter much. Might be better to link since that’s rotmg directly, and the “still have questions” part to have (rotmg’s faq).

This is the only part that’s wrong in the last paragraph, you do get a confirmation now.


Although is that ID 360000601252 in the ticket URL subject to change, eg. if they make edit(s) to their ticket submission form?


It hasn’t changed since launch but I don’t know how it works so it could change, would be better then, you just have to pick rotmg after.


@Nevov @Niegil fixed, let me know if I forgot something else important or did something wrong


I was too busy working on homework to realize that my edit of the post has necrobumbed it from ancient history and yeeted it into the present.



1: Two of my most recent deaths werent recognized by realmeye.
2: I am unable to update my signature background image to this masterpiece.


1: It takes some time, around 2-3 hours or can be instant, it depends
2: I have no idea, sorry, but i think someone told me it does not work anymore.


Can you maybe also add a screenshot of where to find the support button in the exalt launcher?