Tier 0 Items


Welp, the resprites are done and I wish I could’ve done more with it, but they would’ve looked terrible visually.


Seems interesting although could you add the outline?


Deca should release t0 armor tbh

Also remind me of my t0 armor version


huh, I didn’t know you posted something similar months ago xd


This is probably just me but I find this kind of satisfying to see t0 fanmade items.


indeed it is, now we just need t7 abilities OwO


Next thing I know there’s gonna be t7 abilities lol. But I hope deca could possibly add that in, that’d be cool.

Anyways am gonna sleep.


Good knight


There actually is, I was gonna post a pic of the sprites I found from [the bad bad no no] files, but dappertron did a post on it already two years ago Tier 7 and 8 Ability Items: now with names and junk!, which saves me from potentially breaking any rules :smiley: :+1:


Rings: I like the T0 ring as it is, for aesthetic and historical reasons, so I’d resist that change.
TBH I don’t think other T0 rings are worth designing, beach/lowlands enemies drop enough loot including rings to teach things naturally when a player starts exploring the realm.

The egg thing is quite a good idea to introduce both the Tinkerer and Pet Yard concepts with one item.

Tiers: The whole tier labelling thing has been messed up for years (for ever?).
But we do currently have equal numbers despite this: 14 tiers of weapons (13+T0) and 14 tiers of armours, so introducing a 15th tier for armours as T0 would unbalance this.


WC tops:
T12 weapons: 4% fame – T13 armours: 4% fame

LH tops:
T13 weapons: 5% fame – T14 armours: 5% fame

If the LH tops were aligned as both being labelled T14, then WC tops as T13, we can move back through the tiers like this and everything matches in pairs back to the starting weapons being T1.

Viewing it like this, you can see there isn’t really a missing tier of armours, it’s only because we label them the way we do.


It’s a no from me, honestly. Decent idea nonetheless.


Will break the META NERRF NOOOOW


that’s better than deca nerf plyz ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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