Tier 8 Helm


I found a guy with a T8 helm.
Yeah. T8.

He told me he was a returning player, and this was in his vault when he came back.
Realmeye also shows his T8 helm:

Isn’t that interesting?
Also yes, I’m still on flash because I keep getting dc-ed on exalt.


Huh, I had to went through realmeye to confirm this is true, and yep. I managed to find this person just by dyes! :slight_smile:




ahah, well I guess I went through unecessary trouble to blurry his name…
Actually I don’t even know why I did that :thinking:


Just to be sure it’s not a fake. You know, it’s not hard to do fake like this.




Dont wanna reveal it as original poster didnt, but you can find it same way i did.


It was MisterMZ. I just checked his realmeye rn, and he now has a T6 helm…


Yup, Im talking with him rn. I gave him T6 to hide T8 in vault.


Alright so either OP faked this, or this person hacked this item into the game. I don’t think DECA is dumb enough to make the same mistake Wild Shadow made back in the day by adding this stuff into the game before it is ever officially released, but who knows.

For the sake of the game, I really hope this post is faked, but given that others saw it on realmeye, it seems like this was not faked.

When I checked his profile on realmeye, he does appear to have a T6 helmet now so not sure what’s going on here…


I swear I didn’t


It isnt fake, theres already SS in pub halls, also:


The most likely thing that has happened is that a type got switched around. Quite interesting, nonetheless!


Maybe a long time ago a dev spawned it in? Am I correct in assuming it isn’t sb, being a ws era item and not being released before.


It is SB


Oh also Mister wanted me to post this here.


Why? Since it was WS era item and it never saw an official release in the game, it probably shouldn’t be~


Likely a preparation for O3, to bee consistent. Not that he’ll drop T8 abilities, but still.

Also, again, this is most likely due to the “type” for the item originally being something else - like how sometimes Deca re-uses types used for…say, a stack of 8 hearts, for something new. Really obscure items may therefore lead to being replaced by wholly new items, given that they aren’t wiped entirely first.


Interesting. Can someone ask him if he recalls keeping a certain amount of old items?


I’ll do it right now. I will let u know once he answers.