Tier 8 Helm


Hello! This actually is legitimate, though of course not intended. This probably won’t come as a surprise but the items will be removed from anyone who currently has unreleased tiered abilities due to this (admittedly extremely niche and coincidental) bug.

Tier 8 Spell?!

Thank you for an official response! Glad to hear this is just a bug. :slight_smile: Would hate to have another situation like we had in 2012. lol


Hmm, but I’m still curious how he could get this? Is it possible to know or not really?


Interesting leak


I’m really starting to think that it’s something similar to what seelpit said.


I wont be surprised that this could happen. But always official answer to this would be cool. :confused:


The whole thing raises a question though.



Because it was never actually in the game?


I create an account.

Can you tell me how I got it ? it’s fun.

It’s sad that i’ll lost it, it was a fun thing but I understand


Basically, you had an item way in the past that used the same internal ID. That item got removed, and now was reused for the T8 helm. Since you had been gone a while and still had the old item, it wasn’t treated any differently and got converted instead of disappearing sometime in between.

We’ll be replacing it with a T6 helm, which we hope will still be helpful!


what was it?


Should have fed it before Deca found out XD. I mean what?


should have died with it, so it will always show up in your graveyard


Wait why did y’all reuse the ID? Is it to lag less or something?


Idk if toastrz is gonna answer your question since that kinda gets into how they store information which maybe be something that they might not want to share but my best guess is that it’s to save storage space and also it’s probably just easier to just overwrite an already existing item with information for a new item than to create an entirely new object in the game that has to be made from scratch.

Just a guess. Maybe they’ll say more about it. Regardless, this is a very interesting glitch and it would be interesting to know which item it was before it got turned into a T8 helm.


Wildshadow was not “dumb”, there are plenty of unused assets, or rare unique assets, that are kept in the game, outside of the general population. The issue was, back in 2009, 2010, the game was a lot easier to hack, as certain server side code was not implemented correctly, or at all. Combine this with public leaks of the source code, and people were able to use programs as simple as Cheat Engine. Even though Action Script 2 was revolutionary on its hay day, it was not designed for MMO’s. However the blame is majority on the source code leaks. Give any real hackers of any skill level, the source code of something, and exploits will flow.


The architecture, the servers, do not use flash. Flash is not a server side language. The subsequent database for items would be validated on the server, before being sent back to the client.

I’m unaware of the specific language, but a member of the Deca team, the player who made the recent new secret dungeon, has confirmed the following:

  1. The server runs at 5 ticks per second, which is sloooow.
  2. The server side of the game is not written in C++, or any other comparable language of that caliber.


It was the old Magic Eggs tokens in this example that got deleted, then the ID number reused, specifically the x10 stack was what changed into the T8 helm:

The helm was added on 21st May 2020, https://static.drips.pw/rotmg/production/1589819988/

The tokens which previously had that ID were removed in May 2019, https://static.drips.pw/rotmg/production/1558529239/

So you would find the helm item in your possession if you previously had kept this stack of 10x Magic Eggs from Easter 2019 (bear in mind the max stack was 25x) AND (crucially) you had never played that character since May 2019. Because loading into the nexus or any area would allow the game to wipe nonexistent items from your inventory.

Possibly other stack numbers of magic eggs correspond to the other T8s but I didn’t look any further into it.


I wish I kept my magic eggs then.

would’ve been cool to have an exclusive item like that, even if it would’ve gotten converted to a lesser one afterwards.

Though that brings up a question that popped up in my mind. Where are T7-T8 abilities going to drop from when they release (other than the obvious O3).


O3 is currently the only difficulty magnitude of its kind. Nothing in the game remotely compares.