Tier 8 Helm


I wish I kept my magic eggs then.

would’ve been cool to have an exclusive item like that, even if it would’ve gotten converted to a lesser one afterwards.

Though that brings up a question that popped up in my mind. Where are T7-T8 abilities going to drop from when they release (other than the obvious O3).


O3 is currently the only difficulty magnitude of its kind. Nothing in the game remotely compares.


I think you misunderstood what he was saying when he said that. rotmg is written in C++ (I think), but objects in the game are not defined in it or any other programming language directly. objects are defined by their XML trees which reference pre-made “chunks” of code that then perform those behaviors. so <Behavior>Shoot</Behavior> refers to some other chunk of code that’s already written that does that actual shooting bit. so you can’t make an object in rotmg using C++, but you can create new pieces for objects using C++.

for example, let’s look at the onhit procs a bunch of items have now: the stuff that manages the functionality of the procs is normal C++ code, but the objects still don’t have any C++ in their definition on static.drips.pw. if you go looking for it on there you still won’t find any actual code. the server knows of some tag it looks for in the object definition and if it’s there then it uses the C++ that knows how to handle the procs functionality.

rotmg is C++.
rotmg objects are state machines.

uni’s calculator is built with state machines, not code. that is what makes it simultaneously stupid and impressive.


My bad, MrUnibro said the same thing. Darn XML clogging up my memory.


I never said the server was written in Action Script, however, it is most definitely having to communicate with Flash.

Anyway, not sure why every thread on realmeye kind of devolves into this “well, actually, I’m right” kind of bickering. It doesn’t really matter what they wrote the server in for one to assume that much of it is outdated at this point.


While we’re on this subject, I think this shows Deca would benefit from some standard way to handle event tokens (and this wouldn’t have happened), because sometimes tokens get removed, other times they don’t. Sometimes they’ve had FP values, usually they don’t.

My personal suggestion would be to always just abandon the tokens in the code as a perpetual trinket/memento for the player, and the benefit to you (Deca) is old tokens can easily be brought back in for whatever future event without needing updates to the items/spritesheets to add and remove them.

But also please always put on some appropriate FP value, to give the token stack some small use for those who complete the event ahead of time, or those who don’t want any of the rewards, or for those who miss the deadline at the Tinkerer. (Ofc you can set the FP to not be “OP” based on other FP values).


Such conjecture was not my intent or emotional state. However, seeing as I am not welcome, I shall use the disengage action!

Fridays are my D&D sessions, I’m sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


So by having this in place. Players may be willing enough to hold obscure items in hopes that they may get new gear. I don’t do this intentionally but I know I have some really random items on my character (particularly in my gift chest) that I don’t really use.

But then again, why did the game bother to remove old items especially since some very avid players like to have collections of old and rare items.


If I only didn’t give him my T6 helm. xP


That’s pretty nice. Getting to use a T8 ability (most likely) years before it comes out.


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