Time Warp Set (Archer UT)


I’m back with another whopping UT set! If you’ve seen my posts before, you’ll know that it’s pretty much all I do (other than shitpost in the Academy section)

Warpwood Crossbow

New%20Piskel%20(56) Dragon%20Attack%20Red%20Small%20Fireball

A mystical weapon of a lost era held together by an unknown binding force. It is said that each bolt shot from it warps time itself.

Tier: UT

Shots: 4 (arc gap: 15°)

Damage: 70-80 (average: 75 / total: 300)

Speed to Lifetime: 150 to 550

Range: 8.25 tiles

Amplitude to Frequency: 1 to 1.2

Special: Ignores DEF

Fame Bonus: 6%

Feed Power: 900

A 4-shot Bow with a unique shot pattern. Its ability to ignore DEF can be extremely useful against many bosses. Also good for quickly clearing out enemies in the Lost Halls and Shatters.

Shot Pattern


Twisted Time Quiver

New%20Piskel%20(57)%20(1) ZVTjWyV

A cursed quiver that calls upon ancient forces and concentrates them into powerful projectiles. Its pure might slows all mortals down.

Tier: UT

MP Cost: 80

Shots: 8 (arc gap: 10°)

Damage: 80-100 (average: 90 / total: 720)

Effect: Shots inflict Curse (4 sec), Slow to self (2 sec)

Special: Wavy Shots

Fame Bonus: 6%

Feed Power: 900

A unique Quiver that deals a considerable amount of damage as well as inflicts Curse for 4 seconds at the cost of slower projectiles, no Paralyze, Slow to self for 2 seconds, and 5 more MP than a T6 Quiver.

Not sure if the video works, but the shot pattern (shot sprite is different)


Distorted Raiment


A flexible piece of armor from lost ages, thought to be used by elite rangers. Its design and magic provide excellent defense.

Tier: UT

Stat Bonuses: +90 HP, +14 DEF, +8 VIT

Fame Bonus: 5%

Feed Power: 600

A purely defensive armor that grants the user a generous amount of HP and VIT at the cost of lower DEF. Somewhat similar to the Breastplate of New Life.

Echo Scroll


A sacred item written and passed on through countless generations. It is filled with preeminent knowledge of the Realm and beyond.

Tier: UT

Stat Bonuses: +70 HP, +6 DEF, +10 WIS

Fame Bonus: 5%

Feed Power: 600

A defensive ring that provides HP and DEF as well as an additional 10 WIS, good for quick mana regeneration, especially if a good pet is not available.

Together, the set looks like this:

New%20Piskel%20(56) New%20Piskel%20(57) New%20Piskel%20(58) New%20Piskel%20(59)

Drop Rates:
Bow - 1/150
Quiver - 1/150
Armor - 1/50
Ring - 1/50

I’m thinking of an enemy in the Cursed Library as drop location.

I trouble with the balancing part, so thanks for reading and make sure to leave feedback!



Not bad but drop rates seem a bit high. The sprites look alright.

Quiver: Curse/Slow… not not unique. But don’t really need another cursing item. Maybe exposed?
Armor: It’s very similar to leaf dragon. 6 spd for 40 hp and a def
Echo Scroll: 10 wis? not going to be mp regen. Just another better ubwis


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