Tinkerer bugged?


I’ve reloaded multiple times in the last 15 minutes and gone in and out of the range for the tinkerer (which usually fixes it), but I am still getting a “check back later” on the tinkerer. Was there an announcement about suspending the tinkerer again like they did years ago that I missed? Anyone else having this issue?

Edit: I went so far as to restart my device and still no luck. No quests for me today, I guess.
Edit 2: It now says I have completed all of my quests today even though I didn’t even complete them all yesterday. Huh


Click interact key or wait a bit. Could be bugged or down, as that has happened in the past I believe.


I haven’t seen any announcements, but normally I’ve had to wait until the end of that server day for it to reset and fix itself. I’ve had that same occurrence several times


Ok I saw something on Reddit about this, think it’s down for now


For some reason, it happened on Sakura but not on Dummy…

Edit: Happens to dudes randomly.


Mine’s doing the same today, too. I had 2 quests I was gonna hand in too :frowning:


Any known fixes for this bug?


Nope. Looks like gonna w8 Deca to do the fixing.