Tinkerer quests


Whenever you have to check the newest quests from the tinkerer it’s always a wonder if you have the quests in your chests. I propose that we are able to see through the tinkerer if the required marks are in our chests. and also able to use and complete quests without having the marks on your inventory and instead just have it in the chests.
How this will work exactly:
you go to the tinkerer to complete a quest, this could be any quest. Then, without having to go to your vault to see if you have the marks in your chests, you can just complete the quests at the tinkerer itself.
Possible problem:
When doing a ppe it might be annoying if you just automatically complete the quest without having them on you, which is why I propose another button on the tinkerer somewhere that would disable this feature. And this feature then could be disabled and or enabled through the tinkerer menu, this would also by default be disabled.


GOOD QOL SHIT that deca will never add because they promised so many things that arent in the game yet.

Also this will probably result in a bunch of dupe glitches because deca.


I mostly carry marks on my inactive characters, to be honest. That way I can see what I have if I hover over them in the character selection.

Also, I could be making things up, but based on a couple of clues, I think the Tinkerer and Vault aren’t part of the main “tracked” server area, so I’m not sure if the Tinkerer could sense anything in your vault or not. I’d be happy to have that de-confirmed though! I’m not really an amazing programmer.


This has been suggested countless of times on the subreddit as well. Someone from DECA replied to one of them saying it’s A LOT more difficult than you think to implement this, looking at how the backend of the vault and tinkerer work or something.

If I find the thread I’ll update this reply.


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