Toastrz power tripping


Hey guys, ItsBiffit on twitch got his account permanently banned for asking Toastrz why he banned his other account without evidence over “false allegations.” Isn’t this a bit of a power trip? Hackers and no-clippers will take days to get banned and this random dude got banned for asking a question.


Image of him asking:

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If I had to guess why such swift action was taken on the alt it would be they have proper evidence + ban evasion.

Also why are you posting as if this isn’t yourself making the thread.

lastly you had that copied to your clip board which tells me you may have been harrassing a dev

Since I moved offtopic post let me out line the one thing mentioned “ban evasion is not against TOS” The User is at fault not the account


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Deca has also stated that they do not ban based on users actions outside the game, the account is under your responsibility and your account is suspended based on the accounts actions.

Everything you have said is incorrect.


this isn’t outside the game (as far as we know)


The user is discussion was banned on stream, clearly showing that Toastrz banned him after he asked him a normal non offensive question.


In toastrz game?


Kind of funny how they don’t ban hackers, dupers and griefers but when a legit player, a STREAMER who is supporting their game by streaming it and giving them exposure thennn they can just ban for no reason at all.


They do, there are a ton, they need evidence, and they need to make sweeping changes to help fix cheating instead. they have recently spoken on cracking down more on cheats. Whether they do this or not we shall see

Also this is besides the point

I knew a stream that Hacked, cheated, doxed, stole accounts AND STREAMED realm 5 years ago (with hacks on but not apparent to the viewers)


They don’t ban almost anyone relatively speaking.

Just because they talk some bs in a reddit post doesnt mean they actually do something

Whats your point? I know loads of people like this


I’m saying streamers don’t get a get out of jail free card.


This is me, If you remember me from the past my old ign was Bigbadbill. I believe you told me to create a new account after i had gotten perma banned, so I did. I spent my time and money on my new account “Kamaro” before it was PERMA BANNED by Toastrz purely based off of false accusations from another player. So I made this new account and this is where the story goes


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No I told you to Email deca your whole story regarding xsolla.

You are affiliated in some way with RWT, you are guilty


how long until Toastrz responds


What if they got tipped off for hacking right after asking that question?
It seems like a pretty quick jump to immediately assume something like that could just randomly happen.


They didn’t, I can guarentee you that he just banned me for asking the question


UPDATE: He banned another account that I made this morning


Why did you write the OP as if it was about someone else if you’re the one owning the account?