Toastrz power tripping


why do you have toastrz locked? it looks like you’re just chasing and looking for trouble
unlock him and let bygones be bygones

i wouldn’t mention this topic anymore or talk about it to anyone if i were you, because it doesn’t look like it’s getting you anywhere

it doesn’t matter who’s right/wrong at this point

there are people i’m not a big fan of, and circumstances i resent, but i don’t egg it on


Why do you have a High Profile Realm player locked?!


copy paste


Did I not get perma banned for asking Toastrz a question? you can see me lock him if you check the vod.


Could someone give a short summary of wtf is going on I’m so confused


Someone got banned, made another account, asked why they got banned, got banned on the alt, and now think it’s a good idea to broadcast the story to a forum that has no relation to the event whatsoever.


Cool thanks


use this as a sign to move on, man. this game is on a downhill slide anyways.


I wont move on until DECA is bankrupt


Isn’t there something better to do with your time in life besides holding a grudge against a small game company, let alone anything else? That sounds like a vast expenditure of time and emotional energy for something relatively menial and nearly impossible to effectively combat, and you’ll probably just wind up sounding bitter to others. I don’t see a need to promote toxicity when there’s enough floating around. You could always quit and move on, aye?

We can’t do anything about it here, and you’re merely offering us unpleasantries with nothing tangible to gain from it.


That’s not what I meant, you will see some big news soon. :slight_smile:


Alright I would say this thread has run it’s course.

  • Player gets banned.
  • Player makes another account
  • Player streams on that account
  • Player tells developer to go to his stream
  • Developer goes to the stream confirms this is a alt account of a banned player
  • Developer bans players alt account.

makes sense to me, no power tripping here. /thread