Tomb Discord


Hey everyone, there’s this new tomb discord for you white bag hunting dweebs. Subsciption is 3 L / Week and I can personally vouch for its profitability(is that even a word).
Anyways, discord link is here: yzHabj2

(remove the space)

I’ll see y’all arround :smiley:



Ughhhhh whyyyyy issss it sooooooo dammmnnn expensiiiive


not even profitable lmao
tombs will have 20+ people if its a good service
rip loot/cleanness

i get shats but not tomb pitch.


We did about 15 this week, the most filled tomb had about 6 people in it


Don’t you think you should keep it as a small service.

few more people in the group and it will no longer be profitable.


There are also 2 Tomb channels, so we are looking to grow, but as you pointed out, not too big. I also want to add that I don’t mind if this discord doesnt grow. I just wanted to put it out there for others :slight_smile:


There is currently more than 2 channels but they aren’t in use until we need more people in the channels


Once there is more people we do split all the paying members in randomly generated groups so they stay clean and profitable


Arn’t you the dude that scammed people in Pitch


Yes he is


I didn’t scam anyone in Pitch what


Iiiiiiidk mate


There’s another tomb discord?


It’s pitchotmg. Mostly for shatters


“Arn’t you the dude that scammed people in Pitch”.
There was drama in an unaffiliated discord server and somehow you assume i stole from POTMG


Then you tell me what it was, I was told by many turstworthy people that you stole abunch of life

Edit: gud response love


couple problems… yea
I don’t have 3 lfie per week,
how frequently do you guys run it?
Because if I got 1 life per 2 tombs, I need to do 6 tombs to be able to even repay you,


I told you what it was; “drama in an unaffiliated discord server”. If you’d like to discuss this further feel free to pm me


doesn’t matter the cord if you’re scamming life, you’re scamming life