Tome of the Tarnished Gods and Soul's guidance


If you have a couple of souls out with the Soul’s Guidance, you won’t be able to spawn the healing and damaging orb, you will only apply the healing effect. The orb isn’t invisible, it just doesn’t spawn at all.


That’s because of a little problem with Activates, the thing that makes stuff happen when you use an ability.
Tarnished Gods uses three different activates - one for the Healing buff, one for the Darkness Orb, and one for the Light Orb.
These last two have some extra parameters to only make them spawn based on your health, and they spawn an entity via the “Pet” Activate - something that Soul’s Guidance does as well.
Here’s the problem, though: the cooldown of an Activate affects that entire type of Activate.
This means that when Soul’s Guidance proc activates, its cooldown prevents you from spawning another Soul - that’s intended - but it also prevents you from spawning anything else with a “Pet” Activate, like the Orbs!

It’s another very annoying feature that I hope will be removed sometime in the future. I think this might even interfere with things like the Reindeer Eggs!

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