Too many Deaths any help?


i have the same problem bro :frowning: we all do when we all are noobs. just keep dying and learn your lessons on why you died, and never do it again. its like this, as you get more stars, you might even have a character for 1 month if u know when to nexus.

  1. Fame train to get your pets better
  2. Start slow, don’t do anything risky
  3. Farm godlands for wealth first
  4. Go from easy->hard dungeons, don’t immediately jump over your current level
  5. Reduce lag
  6. Switch up classes/play easier classes


i has 5k fame, no feed power items yet

i do

dat drop rate of pots tho

yes, but i still die in stupid ways

i no lag



Ah yes I forgot to mention, grind events (although I think the ice cave event ends soon). You get good feed power, equips, whites, a heck ton of fame (ice caves give 20-40 fame per dungeon depending on fame level)

Tbh having a good pet is probably most important. So trying getting some feedpower items, or feed power from the ice cave event if its still going on


yes ik it. but despite it, is encore event going to drop some feed power stuff?


Definitely. Every DECA event so far has dropped some amount of feed. If I were to guess, oreo (1300 fame I think), and pizzas (800) will probably drop. Skins are good feed too. They go for 2000 fp.


kewl. thanks for telling, so ill grind some shit more ice caves and hope rng gives duplicate skins


Also try to get the fp from the daily calendar


which i also do.

anyways im almost fusing my 2nd pet, just few mor levels

finally jeez


If there is one piece of advice I can give you, it is this: accept that every death is preventable by you and thus learn from it to prevent it from happening in the future.

Did you die because you ran a dungeon that was simply too challenging for you? Remember that and avoid that dungeon in the future until you are ready to try it again. Did you die because another player dragged on you? Practice nexusing faster (and sooner) to make sure that you can always get out in the nick of time. Do you lag a lot? Mess around in the Experimental Settings to find out what you can do to decrease some of that lag. Still having problems? Use this: The Oh Shiet Button (for freezes and when you click off the page)

Every death is preventable. The key is to learn how to prevent them from happening. Every time you die, take a moment to think back to what happened and what you could have done differently. The next time you find yourself in a similar situation, you’ll know what to do and be able to escape and save your character. You’ll still die every now and then, but you will find it happening less and less as time goes on and you get a better understanding of the game. I started applying this mindset to the game a while back, and it worked: in the last year, I’ve died three times, all because I’ve been able to learn from my past experiences. And I’m a coward who nexuses at the first sight of danger but whatever.


Best tips ever man! :100::+1:


If you’re having problem with dying, try maxing up a character yourself. Focus on sprites/snakes and easier dungeons and try to get your characters maxed safely in glands. Don’t take many risks and play it safe. If you can doing sews, abbys, and higher dungeons you can steadily hit 6/8 on a single char. Ideally you might want to really know what you’re dying to, and understand the problems you’re having and how you can stay safer or avoid them.


thanks everyone, now I have a 2/8 knight and 0/8 necro. any ideas what is the best things to max for better loot?


Dex and def, spd and att.


Def is definitely the most important stat to max. Your DPS won’t be the best, but you’ll be able to survive very easily.

After that, work on spd, dex and atk all at once.


how i got my first 7/8:

make archer or huntress
farm pits
farm sprite worlds
farm more sprite worlds
sell dex for def and atk
farm abbys and udls
sell pots for def
sell def for mana

i had that archer for a week


You play too often, take a break after a certain amount of time, and don’t always try to get as much time on realm as you can. You have more deaths than the amount of days you spent on the game.


You gotta play to get better. Realm’s a blast when you first start playing, even if you die nonstop it’s still all about the fun.


like how @Adolfia said, i dont really care if i die so much on the same day. all i care is actually trying the character itself. as some players said, if u die often, might as well as learned a lesson about it.


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