Tops giveaway [HorusKane] [ended]


Yo I havent legitimately played the game since January, so I figured my tradeable items would be better off with someone else.

and even when I played that was only for a week, last time I played before that was november. smh

Post funny memes that you think I’d like, please don’t enter if you dont need the items.

you can still give me memes tho, just say you dont want to enter

Best 6 memes will get a bunch of tops, I’ll probably DM you mule login credentials for delivery since that’s a lot easier than logging in at the same time as anyone.

I have a ton of shit, pixies, Decas, and top abilities, along with a large amount of mixed top weapons and armours.

Edit: I forgot to add an end date, it’ll end in like a week or two, just gimme memes


Someone asked me where I live


Use other people’s memes if you want, I’ll probably think memes I’ve never seen are more funny though.


I want to enter, but i’m just saying that i’m MAYBE going to win an astronomic amount of decas tomorrow, so if i get anything from this i’ll gives them in a giveaway, or just giving them to my friends/new players.

EDIT : Due to a misunderstood like everyone did in the giveaway, the hoster was giving 50 individuals decas and NOT 50 decas to a player. This means i’m still going to use the prize if i get it

Me : !



Weird flex but ok




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when you’re an hour and a half into a RoR2 run and you get insta killed


Uhhhh is that meme allowed



Better than the m16


was surprised when the alt accounts will come


First ever meme, sorry if its bad quality did it on preview lol.


How to git gud


Here is another one. this one I really relate to because I died on my first ever 4/8 char, my beloved archer with tshot ;’(

Most fame i’ve ever gotten too xD


fixed the image embedding -Mynamerr



lol u said we can use some1 elses so here u go:![image|220x500]

also if u are so hungry for memes just go here: Meme Thread




roc dragon


smh we’ve got some boomer level memes here lmao