Tops giveaway [HorusKane] [ended]



Alright, Im going to choose people now, then I’ll set up mules to give out the items on.

I’ll ping the winners when I’ve split the prizes up.

Progress: all mules done.


I’ll DM you your mule logins directly to your Realmeye account, I attempted to split the items up evenly but it’s generally random, I believe all of you got atleast one Deca and one Pixie.


Aww I thought my

was gonna win




what he said


If you made a kidz bop meme out of it you’d probably win ngl


your meme was garbage tho


Their memes were better than the others, I don’t care if they visit the forums regularly or not.


dang Imma make one right now

Is this good I couldn’t find a kidz bop format lol


This was the first giveaway/realmeye forum contest I’ve been in, all that means is that I take 100% dubz git gud

Thanks again HorusKane for the clout


oopsie nevermind.
Seems I can’t read.

eyy grzegorz brzeczeszczekiewicz won


which one of my memes made me win


the duolingo and toxic ninja ones were pretty good


lol, i see


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