Toxic Sewers Treasure room not starting the fight


I can’t seem to start the treasure room fight. I know you normal just walk up to the master rat but the fight won’t start. Hopefully it was only this dungeon that was bugged and not the treasure room itself.


Were you soloing that Sewers, or was someone in there with you? I’m not sure if the Master Rat’s dialogue is dungeonwide, so they may have solo’d it beefore you could reach it.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have a clue. The playerWithin transition checks within a radius around the object, but I believe it’s small enough that you can’t trigger it from outside. Additionally, since it’s a ring, it’s not like you missed a certain tile you had to walk on or anything.
Weird stuff!


There were other players but if the treasure room was done wouldn’t the master rat be on the top and the turtles gone?


I believe the turtles are just vibing there. The Master Rat, iirc, just stops moving; wherever he was during his orbit of the room is where he’d stay.


master rat alwaysis in the middle of the room before t is activated


Other people already did the troom. Rat would be in the middle of troom if it weren’t completed.