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This year Steambirds Alliance shut down, a pity because it had the workings of a good mmo to finally rival rotmg. Nobody has seemed to have done a proper post-mortem to see what can be used to improve rotmg… I’m not doing it.
Personally i saw there was one thing steambirds did that seemed crazy at first but actually worked and should be applied to rotmg.

The premium currency was tradable.

One of the biggest issues with rotmg right now is irl trading. I know people have an issue with pay to win but the fact of the matter is that the only reason why there are spam bots in nexus advertising rwt is because there’s an unmet demand for buying in game items with real money. And where there is no legitimate avenue to purchase items, the black market provides.

WC tops are already purchasable with gold, we need to accept that rotmg is already p2w and that there’s a significant portion of the playerbase who want to pay to win, it’s their choice if they want to, who are we to judge.
But this will not be direct pay to win, it still requires interaction with the player-run market.

With ingame currency being tradable, players will be able to buy gold then trade for items with that gold which they would otherwise use rwt sites for. This will not completely remove rwt sites as they will try to undercut the in game market but due to players more likely to use the legitimate method of p2w because of the removed risk of getting banned there will be less revenue going towards them and so many rwt sites should die out.

This also adds an additional revenue stream for deca, one that would otherwise be going to people trying to exploit their game to make money.

And with the centralised currency of the in game market changing from different pots, rings and skins to gold, there’s finally a possibility of implementing a proper item bazzar/ trading hall because with the current market they’d have to do what realmeye is doing which can’t feasibly match offers with bids. But with a single centralised currency, all items can be bought and sold with automatic matching which will stabilise market prices.

Honestly the only problem I see with this currently is that duping still exists, but part of why duping exists is because rwt sites have a financial incentive to discover those exploits, so once this is implemented it should reduce the frequency of future exploit discovery.

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In this post, there are many contradictions/mistakes.

From what I can read, I can deduce that you want a universal currency system(which is realm gold).
The contradiction is where although you acknowledge duping exists(and try to create a system to counteract it), you create a system that can be exploited through duping.

First off, you want a system where you can buy/sell items for gold. The problem is items can be duped(which would essentially mean gold can be duped indirectly), so the system doesn’t deal with RWT.

I’ve never seen someone actually buy tops from Nexus with gold. Also, you can get tops through Oryx/dungeons so this statement makes no sense. People primarily use gold for either cosmetics, pets, vault/char slots or keys(which help players progress in the game).

Secondly, I don’t think you understand what people use RWT sites for. Part of the RWT industry does deal with tradable items, yes, but people use RWT services to accelerate progress in the game.
There’s a whole other part of RWT industry dealing with game progress acceleration, such as exaltation/maxing services, and UT duping/item duping.

Lastly, no game/code is perfect. There will always be exploits/vulnerabilities in code/the game, and people will always try to find exploits(like the kill aura feature that was in hack clients a couple months ago). RWT companies also deal in other aspects of RoTMG that exclude tradable items so the financial incentive is still there.

TL;DR: RWT companies do not deal entirely with tradable items, maxing/exaltation/duping services also exist. The gold currency system your suggesting is just as exploitable as tradable items, due to duping. It is not a solution to duping.


I can see a few downsides though. One is that one of the main beneficiaries would be RWT sites, who would suddenly be able to offer gold alongside their other wares. If they could obtain it at a discount, even a small discount, they could dig heavily into DECA’s main revenue stream?

How might they obtain it? Chargeback: use chargeback to buy gold then quickly launder it through RWT for a profit. There’s not much DECA could do; the gold might change hands a few times by the time the chargeback is detected. They could then ban the account which arranged the chargeback, but other accounts would be used to sell the gold on for a profit.

Or duping. If there’s any unpatched method out there it could be used to profit by duping gold. Again there’s no way DECA could detect it, if they’re not aware of the duping method.

And it makes the game much more PTW, if you can trade gold for anything in the game.


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