Trading: Click Items You Want


I’ll spare you my words and show you what I mean visually first.



With a system like this you will be able to select what items you want by clicking on the other player’s items. This will highlight the item in blue for both players and can be removed in two ways:

  • The player who highlighted it can deselect it.
  • The player who owns the item can double click it. (This will select the item to trade, then deselect it.)

Although it is a relatively simple addition, this concept can help speed up trading and make your trade private.


Absolutely. This is especially good for trading rainbows so they can let you know which they want


Awesome idea!

I’ve had any a situation on USW2 where I’m selling various different pots all for the same pot and I’m never able to mind-read which pot my buyer wants


Nice idea! This would be really helpful for all kinds of trading.


Simple and wonderful… You would of thought this would be one of those ideas recommended all the time yet I’ve never seen nor thought of it.


This concept was actually my first post in the Ideas section of the forum. I didn’t do a very good job in getting the idea across though.

Decided it was worth revisiting.


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