Trading Market (with sprites, explanations, even a bit of lore)


Welcome, to the Trading Market

This little thing could be the portal that let’s you enter the Trading Market area. The portal could be located at the bottom of the Nexus, where traders usually are (take USWest3 as an example).

This is how the Trading Market could look (unfortunately I’m unable to create walls). I just used the nexus sprites to create it, but there is a lot of potential that could be done here. As a note for all the images, they are just there for demonstration, and would likely be done much better by DECA.


An empty Trading Stand. Players could walk up to Unoccupied Trading Stands, and a GUI would pop up asking them if they would like to occupy it, followed up by another GUI which would allow them to put up their offers. Players would be required to stay here, the order does not stay in the Stand without a Trader.


Here is how it could look with a player inside. Ngl pretty cute. When walking up to a Stand, players could also write a message which would permanently hover above their Stand, effectively removing the constant need of spamming your offer in chat.


Walking up to these stands would make this GUI hover on your screen, showing what the person is trading. You could simply press Trade to instantly acquire the items. If you don’t have all the items, the button will be red and unclickable. Items that you don’t have but are required for the offer would be highlighted in red, similarly to when you can’t equip an item.


This is James. James manages the Global Trading Market. (He could also be related to Guill, an older brother perhaps. Or maybe related to Gemsbok even, the lore possibilies are endless.)


When you walk up to this big friendly fella, you are prompted with a GUI, where you can search for specific offers, or make your own. Putting up a new offer costs a minimum of 50 Fame, and an extra 50 Fame for each item you are putting in. This could potentially be too cheap, however it’s cheap enough for very noobs to still be able to use it. (but in my opinion it should probably be something like 100 Fame per item, as storage should not be so cheap)

Completing an offer would put the items in the Gift Chest (this could be a huge problem and be used as infinite storage, but I think with the Fame cost, it should be okay-ish.) It might also be a good idea to limit how many times players can use this place per day.

Another upside of having a Fame cost, is that dupers and mules would need to grind fame to put up any offers.

And lastly, here is a really badly photoshopped image of me standing next to a Trading Stand.

Trading Server
There should also be a completely new server created called “Trading” or such. This place would not have a nexus, and would be the same map as the Trading Market, but much, much larger. The tiles would also allow for even faster movement, or permanent speedy. Using keys or anything like that SHOULD NOT be possible here. Lag shouldn’t matter on this server at all, as it is solely for trading, so the location of the server doesn’t matter, as ping and lag won’t affect much at all. The player limit should probably be raised for this server as well. Entering and leaving this server should NOT activate the teleporting cooldown (why even is that in still).

Other very important notes:

  • ability to make interchangable/alternate offers (so it doesn’t matter if someone gives speed, or dexterity and such)
  • confirmation windows EVERYWHERE (we don’t want players to accidentally make an offer like, 1 deca ring for 3 wisdom)
  • the roads are really wide for the old-school traders who want to stand around and spam chat.
  • this should not remove the old way of trading directly
  • there should be a sign at the bottom of the nexus where USWest3 traders are, with a message like “Visit the new Trading Server!”
  • texts that come from Trading Posts are ALWAYS on top, this prevents people from standing on a Trading Post and just being an asshole to an immobile player by blocking their text
  • taking down an offer should be instant with no confirmation window or anything: if someone accidently makes a stupid offer we want them to be able to save it in time.
  • the cooldown for trading should be lowered a lot honestly, it’s really annoying when a friend wants to pass a pot every 10 seconds but has to wait super long (yes I know it’s supposed to prevent newbies from being scammed)
  • in the update that creates this, the post should explain how NOT to get scammed, this is to make the newbies a bit smarter
  • using the Global Trading Market at James, when accepting an offer, you also pay with Fame for every single item you trade for the other items (so, if someone is selling a life pot, they pay 40 Fame to put it up, and you pay 80 Fame to buy it because 2 defense potions)
  • in case you can’t decipher my bad pixel art, James is sitting cross legged, they don’t have super short legs lololol
  • taking down trade offers WOULD NOT give you back your fame

Here is a link to the Reddit post that I made for this, hopefully this is not against rules on the forum, this is my first post, so my apologies for any mistakes. the link


This actually looks really cool!


The market stalls look nice but are worse than how it currently works in a couple of ways:

First: currently to trade you can just stand in the middle of the trading server and immediately see all trades, or see them all with a little moving around. This is probably just as useful for sellers who can see quickly if someone else is offering a better sale. Your design would be much slower for buyers to see all trades and impossible for sellers.

Second: a lot of trade offers are imprecise. “sell X for rainbow” or even just “sell X”. A seller might accept a range of reasonable offers – they can always just close the trade window if someone tries to underpay.

The way it works now on the trade server is not really broke. Exalt is much better than Flash was at drawing it all so it’s not laggy any more. People use it as it’s fast, lets them find their trade quickly despite the endless chat spam.

I like the other idea, of “James”, but it’s not a new idea; the idea of a central grand exchange has come up many times before. The biggest issue is how to stop it becoming a way to park all your stuff, so endless free extra vault space. Fame cost is not an answer as many people have masses of fame.

Better to treat it like the potion rack, have it so it expands storage but only by a limited amount, so you can e.g. have no more than 8 items listed at once. This could be one trade of 8 items or 8 trades of single items. Once sold you have to collect whatever you received from James, to stop it all flowing into your gift chests for again unlimited storage.

edit: btw I saw your post on Reddit but did not reply as it is missing the images. This could be the way I view Reddit with it’s old style interface, but other posts with multiple images work. Anyway, better to discuss it here where posts last longer than 24 hours.


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